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maxresdefaultI do encourage you to take part in EuroWeek Camp. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all around the world and improve your language skills.

If you are interested contact one of our English teachers – Ms Katarzyna Maciejewska-Socha. All the details here.

Grammar revision exercises for test on UNIT 1


I recommend doing some grammar exercises before our test on Unit 1.   Continue reading

Free online listening exercises – different levels!


If you want to practise listening skills – vist this site. You can find lots of tasks there and you can choose the difficulty level. Check it out!

Irish Competition!

A new competition is waiting for you – this time it’s going to be a competition about Ireland.
Who can take part? All the students of the 1st and 2nd grade.
When? The first round (a test in Polish) will take place on Wednesday 12 March, at 2.25 pm in room 28.
Three contesnats with the highest scores will take part in the FINAL ROUND on Saturday, the 15th of March at 10 a.m. (room 28)
Prizes for winners guaranteed!
Wanna take part? Notify your English teacher till March 7.


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Battery low…

energizer-bunny-finalDo you remember the commercial in which an exhausted bunny (without Duracell batteries) flaked out? This is what I feel like. Continue reading

A new blog post

A new blog post – enjoy and feel free to leave a comment:)
To read it click here.

Haunted House by Małgorzata Pieńkowska

Every year I arrange Halloween with my friends. This year wasn’t any different. As usual we planned going from house to house and asking for candies. Halloween has always been a special holiday, full of fun among my friends.

At about 7 p.m. we started trick-or-treating. People gave us candies and took pictures. We had already collected two big bags of sweets, when we got to the last house in the alley. It was a well-known ‘dark house’. Neighbors had been telling us various stories about it since we were little. Apparently at night you could hear screams coming from the house, although it has been abandoned for many years.
Someone suggested going inside. 34271-haunted-house-screen-saverWe walked into the rear garden and found out that the door was open. The only light we had was from the streetlights. Everything was covered by dust. In the middle there were stairs leading down. We headed towards them to see what was in the basement. We were going down slowly, step by step until we faced the door. Suddenly, on the other side someone started banging on it! We heard millions of whispers in strange languages. We started running away, screaming. We were confused. I’d never been so scared before! We called the police as soon as we could. They didn’t want to believe us, but they arrived. The house was searched through thoroughly, and as it turned out, it was completely empty. They didn’t find anything suspicious. We couldn’t believe it. The policemen thought we’d played a stupid joke. Soon everyone forgot about this event, but it will stay in my memories forever…

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Konkurs “Day by Day” – wygraj kurs językowy w Anglii lub na Malcie!

Lubisz pisać po angielsku? Weź udział w kolejnej edycji ogólnopolskiego konkursu językowego na angielskojęzyczną kartkę z pamiętnika. Continue reading

Spooky stories – click only if you’re brave enough to read them:)

Do you like stories which send chills down your spine? If you do, here are the spooky stories written by your schoolmates as part of the Halloween Spooky Stories Contest. Enjoy!

Blood and Roses by Malwina Szcześniak
Haunted House by Małgorzata Pieńkowska

Blood and Roses by Malwina Szcześniak

It was my favourite day of the year – the 31st of October. On this day we celebrate Halloween. I invited my friends to my house. One of them came with her strange cousin. Her name was Selen. She was obsessed with ghosts and scary stories. When we sat in the circle in the candlelight, Selen, with madness in her eyes, started telling the story about Elizabeth Batory – a Hungarian princess.

That lady was very cruel to her servants. She used to beat them and she ordered them to do degrading things. When somebody opposed, Elizabeth burnt him alive. The princess believed in black magic. She thought that blood of innocent virgin could make her life longer and that thanks to it she would always be young and beautiful. Because of that, she tortured girls and bathed in their blood afterwards. Elizabeth used to cover rotting bodies with roses – her favourite flowers.

blood-soak-red-roseOne day the folk rebelled. Someone sneaked into the Elizabeth’s room and stabbed her three times, while she was admiring her beauty in the mirror.

People say that mirror can imprison human souls, so when somebody dies we should cover mirrors. Nobody did it! Her horrible soul stayed in the mirror forever!

Elizabeth is called “Bloody Marry” in history. The legend says that if somebody says “Bloody Marry” three times in front of mirror at midnight, he can see her!

Coming back to this Halloween meeting, we didn’t believe in Selen’s words. We wanted to check them! One of us came up the mirror in the hall. When she said “Bloody Marry” once, it suddenly got colder. When she said it twice, everybody felt wind and cadaverous smell. When she said it for the third time… all candles went off ! In the darkness we heard her scream and the sound of a breaking mirror. When we went to the hall, we noticed it was empty. She was gone! On the floor we found a rose in a pool of her blood…

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