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Happy Boys’ Day!

All the best guys on your holiday!

boys day

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How to be good?

Being good at what you’re doing. That’s something everybody wants to achieve. I am not an exception here. Continue reading


Notice there’s a new widget on the site – e-calendar. All important dates will be marked there. Just for all of us to remember. When you click on an underlined date, you will see the details.

Basic netiquette of the blog comments

While adding a comment remember about these basic rules:

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Is it a shame to be Polish?

A few days ago, during an English lesson with one of my groups, I asked the question: “Are you proud of where you come from?” A simple question, isn’t it? If anybody asked me, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.  Continue reading

I blog, you blog, he she it blogs…

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So the day has come, I’ve become a blogger:) So many people are blogging these days, I thought to myself, so why not me? After all, the job of a teacher brings so many issues that can be shared with others. However, I woudln’t  like this blog to be a monologue. I’d love it to be a place where we could share ideas and discuss them through.  There are so many discussions which begin during our classes and cannot be finished because of the lack of time, the bell that rings or the matura stuff. Let’s try to move these discussions here, to the virtual reality. Anybody willing to join? If so click here.

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