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Irish Competition!

A new competition is waiting for you – this time it’s going to be a competition about Ireland.
Who can take part? All the students of the 1st and 2nd grade.
When? The first round (a test in Polish) will take place on Wednesday 12 March, at 2.25 pm in room 28.
Three contesnats with the highest scores will take part in the FINAL ROUND on Saturday, the 15th of March at 10 a.m. (room 28)
Prizes for winners guaranteed!
Wanna take part? Notify your English teacher till March 7.


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A new blog post

A new blog post – enjoy and feel free to leave a comment:)

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Battery low…

energizer-bunny-finalDo you remember the commercial in which an exhausted bunny (without Duracell batteries) flaked out? This is what I feel like. Continue reading