Caught in a book

Not much writing today – just a simple question, which you can see in the picture below. Where would you be now if you were trapped in the last book you’ve read? I’d be in the fictional land of Westeros among noble families fighting for the Iron Throne. And how about you?



14 Responses to Caught in a book

  1. I would be in the 16th century Scotland, watching Macbeth’s achievements and crimes.

  2. I would be in Goteborg in Sweden where the investigation about two women deaths is being run and John Doe is found on the beach.

  3. Honolulu-Hawaii

    I would be in Florence and Istanbul where I help professor Robert Langdon in saving the world. 🙂

  4. The last book which I’ve read was “Macbeth”. So I would be in Scotland watching Macbeth who commits more and more crimes.

  5. The last book i read what was “Lost Heros” so probably I would be in some unusual mythical land

  6. The last book I read was “The Royal Ranger” so probably I would be in Araluen. This land is amazing.

  7. If I had to move to the location of my last read book, I’d be in Moscow metro. This book is entitled “Metro 2033”. This is the world after apocalipse, that is after the III nuclear world war.

  8. I would be in a wardrobe in the land of Narnia. In a fantasy world I would meet new creatures and characters.

  9. I read ‘Peter Pan’ when I was a child, but I still remember that beautiful world. So, I’d be in the Neverland. It is a fictional land of milk and honey where childhood is eternal. Dreams come true and you can do what you want there. For people it is a perfect place to live, since everybody imagines the land differently.

  10. Well I would be probably in Iraq ,2004 ! It’s freaks me out ! The last book I’ve been reading was “American Sniper”. It’s really good book , definitely recommend it !

  11. I would be probably in Idris in the land of City of Bones. This book is the most exciting book I’ve ever read! I definitely recommande it!

  12. I would be in Forks, probably in forest. With another wampires from Twilight, I really love this book.

  13. I would be traped in the Bronowice village near the Kraków, at the wedding of Włodzimierz Tetmajer and his wife Anna. The book title is “Wesele”, I can’t imagine myself in this world.

  14. I would be on the planet DARKOVER from book ,,Darkover Landfall” which it’s really good book.

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