Have a weird Xmas! :D

the-caganerTwelve dishes during Christmas Eve supper, waiting for the first star to appear in the sky before the supper starts, putting hay under a white tablecloth, leaving an empty plate for an unexpected visitor, sharing Christmas wafer – these are our Polish Christmas traditions still followed in most of Polish families. But have you ever wondered what Christmas traditions other nations have? Some of them are really weird!
Have a look at this short video and let me know in the comments which of the traditions presented here are most surprising for you! 🙂
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Picture source: www.latinpost.com

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  1. A bucket of wings from KFC on the Christmas table in Poland might be liked only by young people because older people prefer traditional dishes for example carp or borscht with dumplings. I like fast food and KFC but I’d rather stay with the tradition of Christmas Eve dishes.

  2. Strange Christmas with Santa Claus in the shop or KFC. I thnik the most important in Christmas is family or free time, not eating something bad in KFC.

  3. For me the weirdest tradition is caganer in spain. This is figure depicted as a peasant, wearing the red cap and with his trousers down, showing a bare backside and defecating. Many modern caganers represent celebrities and authority figures. People think it brings happiness.

  4. In my opinion Christmas time should be spend with your family in your own home. The best part is decorating Christmas tree, prepare the 12 dishes, for example: beetroot soup, carp, dumplings filled with sauerkraut and mushrooms, herring and honey cake. I think it’s the best possibility spend Christmas, but for me the most surprising are Christmas in Yugoslavia and Czech Republic.

  5. The most surprising tradition? Definitely Caganer in Spain ! It’s something really weird for me , actually most of these traditions has something weird ! But as long as it brings joy to all of these people and to their Christmas traditions , we shouldn’t be so judgemental ! For them our traditions could be so weird but we should respect eatch other.

  6. After watching this video, I have to say that most of these traditions are not surprising to me, I know them mainly from stories. I didn’t know that it was a tradition in Japan to have a Christmas dinner at the KFC restaurant. You can see that Christmas marketing is very strongly presented here. I wouldn’t be persuaded to attend KFC on Christmas, I prefer our traditional Polish dishes.
    Also interesting is the tradition of Caganer in Spain. Oh my God, what it is?! It looks like a figures making stools. Disgusting!
    I liked the tradition- Gift in the shoe in Iceland. It’s a very nice, ingenious and fun for everyone. I was wondering why exactly gifts can be given in shoes.
    The video is interesting and pleasantly shows Christmas traditions in other countries. Each country has its own traditions, and probably our Polish traditions also seem to be incomprehensible to others. And it is beautiful that we are different.

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