Pierogi, rice and tortilla – a perfect mix :)

aiesec picLast week we had the pleasure to host two unusual guests at our school – Will from Taiwan and Osman from Guatemala.Will and Osman are students who came to our town as a part of AIESEC volunteering project.  Meeting them was a unique opportunity, both for the students and for the teachers, to broaden our horizons, to get to know something more about the culture of Taiwan and Guatemala, and last but not least – to spend time together on exciting and often hilarious conversations in English. Our students also presented our country, culture and traditions to Will and Osman.
And what did Will and Osman like about Poland most? First of all, they emphasized the incredible kindness of Polish people, thanks to which they felt at home here. Will praised the ‘peirogi ruskie’, ‘golonki’ (=gołąbki) – because they are filled with rice;) and the Polish ‘czełbasa’ (= kiełbasa). While Osman was really surprised by the fact that in Polish clubs people don’t dance in pairs but in groups, which from his perspective looks more like jumping and bouncing, not dancing 🙂 Well, if only we had at least a little Latin American blood in our Polish veins… 🙂
This week passed very quickly, but we hope that this intercontinental acquaintance will last thanks to Facebook, Snapchat and other virtual communication channels.
Osman, Will – thanks a million! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Poland, stay in touch and visit us again!

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  1. Yes, I had only one lesson with our guests but I have to say that it was really nice experience. For me it’s not usual to meet foreigners face to face 😀 so when I’ve entered to the classroom and saw that we will have to say something about ourselves I was a little bit confused. That meeting was also some kind of test for my language skills. I know now that it’s not so bad with me because I have understood ALMOST everything what Will was telling to us. I think we need to appreciate his language skills too and his courage! Hahaha I would be very stressed If I had to conduct a lesson in another country in english 😀
    So big big congrats and thanks a lot for very interesting, nice and some moments- funny lesson 🙂 Good luck for your future to Will and Osman.

  2. Will is a really good speaker. It’s such a shame I didn’t get a chance to listen to Osman. At least I took a picture with them. They’re so friendly 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this lesson but I didn’t understand everything. But it was fun and interesting.

    I like pierogi 😉
    My grandmother makes delicious pierogi <3 I recommend

  4. Magda, don’t worry – you don’t have to understand every single word to be able to communicate in English! 🙂

  5. So our class heard only one presentation, but Will was talking about his amazing country Taiwan. He he has a really great sense of humor 😀 I listened to him really carefully, because Asia is a beautiful continent and Taiwan is one of the destinations of my trip which I am planning to go on in the future 😀

  6. Aleksandra Z. 2D

    I think it’s very productive and interesting to perform undertakings like this. We can learn about something new like foreign cultures, customs and history. Obviously it’s also an unique opportunity to compare our language level with people from other countries. Nevertheless I think that we should be proud of being Polish people and having our own type of dance in clubs. I think we should stop that „cult“ of evertyhing that comes from abroad and remember that we are a nation with beautiful and rich history.

  7. The lesson with them was amazing experience. Wish I could meet them someday again:D P.S. I cooould eat pierogi all the time!

  8. Marcelina Okapiec 1D

    what a great idea for an unconvertional English learning method. Plus at the same time you had the chance to learn about the life of young peaople like us of differnd nationalities. Don’t you think it’s a little bit strange that depending on where you live you like very diffrent stuff, you think in an couldn’t be there. Next time I won’t miss such an opportunity for sure!

  9. This text is about how cool is volonyiner project and how mamy fun this may give young people.
    This short story show us, multicolturism isnt problem to lovely spend time witch people in difrent country.
    Sometime difrenys may suprised but its amazing get to known something new and difrent.
    Virtual social media is great to stay close witch new friends and share with other friends how great you spend your time witch foreginers

  10. Of course I knew someone is visiting us but I didn’t have an opportunity to meet them what I’m really sorry about. I’m not really sure if I would have enough courage to talk to them but I think I would try. That kind of occasions are perfect for people learning english, because they listen to actual foreign language. I hope it wasn’t last time someone like that visited our school and I promise to myself that next time I would do something more.

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