The most beautiful words in English:)

i-love-words-1Searching through the net I’ve come across a list of the most beautiful English words, together with their definitions. Have a look! Which is the most beautiful one for you? 
most beautiful words

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  1. For my the most beautiful words are: offing, lilt and gambol. First word is phenomenon of Nautical Terms. The part of the sea that can be seen from the shore. I think is wonderfull term, and it sounds really nice. Second word is lilt. It means: ” a cheerful or lively manner of speaking, in which the pitch of the voice varies pleasantly”. Gambol is in polish “brykać”. I thing it sounds really funny!

  2. The most beautiful word for me is the word ‘love’, because it means the most beautiful feeling. Love is the reason why we are here, love is what we lead up to. True love comes with happines. That’s why I find that word beatiful.

  3. Most of these words are extravagant but no one use even a half of them ! Some of them are really sophisticated ! Who use ” Lagniappe” or ” Denouement” in a normal conversations ? And the other half are tongue twisters ! In my opinion it should be called ” The 100 most funniest words in english” !

  4. The most beautiful word for me is the word ,,Ailurophile”, because I have a cat which called “pchełka” and I love her so much.

  5. I like word “Glamour”the most, not only because it means beauty. I think everyone knows that word, it’s simple and to be honest it was the first word that my eyes saw immediately.

  6. Marcelina Okapiec 1D

    Felicity is a very beautiful word,
    felicity means a happy life,
    felicity it is the thing that everybody need,
    felicity – everybody should feel this,
    felicity without it our life means nothing,
    felicity makes every day beautiful,
    felicity makes the life colorful,
    felicity means happiness, love, smile, luck..
    I love this word and I want it to be a part of my vocabulary of life.

  7. In my opinion the most beautiful word is “Ailurophile”. why? Because i’m big cat lover and also i have one in home 🙂

  8. For my the most beautiful word is lagoon 🙂 In future I would like go to the island without internet and phone. Sun and sea on the beach, temperature more than 30 degrees and quiet. Without skype, parents and stupid neighbors. In brief word lagoon makes me think of holidays.

  9. If it’s only about sound of a word, I like the most: efflorescence, lagoon and quintessential. When you pronounce it, it sounds light and fresh in some way.
    If it’s about the meaning, the best words are sempiternal and brood. They are so short and they mean so much. By the way, I loved that list and I will surely look up to it from time to time.

  10. My favourite word from this list must be “serendipity”. Not only because how beautiful it sounds but also for it’s deep and really nice meaning. It means that you find something/someone not even looking for it. When people find this special thing, they are really lucky and it changes their whole life.

  11. I think the most bewitching world from the list is “dulcet”. This adjective describe sweet to the taste or smell, but also pleasant to the ear; melodious and agreeable to the eye or the feelings; soothing. Otherwise, pronunciation of “dulcet” is simply euphonious.

  12. I was interested to browse through the list of the most beautiful English words you have added. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised, some of them are missing.
    I like the words that are listed on the list: Becoming-Attractive, Elixir: A good potion, Glamour-Beauty, Leisure-Free time and Talisman- A goodluck charm. I would add some more words, which I think are very nice and interesting. I choosed five:
    1. Gorgeous- it’s mean a person who is: Wonderful, Magnificent, Lovely and Great. This is a beautiful word, I like it terribly!
    2. Capital- it’s about money capital, that is: Money and Cash. I like to always have money with me, maybe that’s why I like this word so much. 🙂
    3. Lucky- “Lucky guy”, probably everyone knows the word- Happy, Successful and Fortunate. I really like this word because it means a person who is joyous and fulfilled in life. Positive man. Just like me. 🙂
    4. Dauntless- someone brave, someone who is not afraid of anything- Fearless and Indomitable.
    5. Sunshine- especially for people:” You’re my sunshine”: My Way, Shine and Destiny.

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