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I have recently had an opportunity to take part in a fantastic conference and workshops for teachers, which was devoted to innovative teaching methods. I’ve learnt a lot of new things, met dozens of fantastic passionate teachers. But what’s most important – the conference has confirmed my belief that innovation is the future of education.There has been more and more technology in Polish schools, which I am really happy about. Some traditionalists or – let’s say it – conservatives try to fight it. However, I am quite sure this process is unstoppable. I’m not trying to say traditional methods and paper books are passé and useless, but I do believe modern schools must blend the tradition and technology.
Some people fear that this rapid development of technology will make teachers useless one day. It’s not that I am so conceited and feeling irreplaceable as a teacher, but to be honest I don’t think it’s going to happen. At least not in the upcoming decades. I’d rather support the view presented in the meme below:

technology and teaching
And what do you think about this issue? What is the future of education? Do you think it’s possible that robots or special teaching apps will replace teachers? I’m looking forward to your comments!

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  1. In my opinion the development of technology guarantees better and faster learning for young people. I think robots or special teaching apps shoudn’t replace teachers, becouse students must have a contact with a real preson.
    However, sometimes we really need technology, for example modern electronic equipment and Internet access.
    So, I hope in the future we will use a lot of technological solutions in school. 😀

  2. I think modern school should use as much technology as it can. First of all children and young people love using technological solutions, so it’s fun for them to learn, they are enjoying their lessons.
    To be honest, I don’t believe that robots or some kind of artificial intelligence will replace teachers, because, in my opinion, human is irreplaceable. Maybe one day there will be artificial intelligence so advanced that could do that, but it’s not within reach.

  3. Aleksandra Z. 2D

    I completely agree with your statement. It’s unstoppable for technology to expand. It’s also proved that teaching without using any innovations is less fruitful that teaching by using some technologies. For now it’s simply impossible for robots to replace teachers because teaching is too complicated process and it needs well qualified teachers conversant with a lot of subjects because they work with children and young people so they need to be, like i said, well qualified to do such an important work.

  4. Michał Powązka 1D

    Knowledge is power. I think development of technology gives us many opportunities to better learning. We can learn faster and fun. Robots never replece teachers, because we are humans and we need contact with a second human. We should use technology but we can not be dependent on it. Thinking is the most important but the technology gives us the straight answers. Then we stop thinking. We are used to easily get answers. In these times technolgy is necessary. We must have electronic equipment and Internet access.

    I am not opposed to technological development. I think we should carefully facilitate learning by using new technology.

  5. In my opinion, the robots will never replace people and real teachers. 🙂 With the new technology lessons will certainly be interesting. Thanks to computers, we have more opportunities in the classroom.

  6. I think that robots and artificial intelligence never would replace good teacher or people ! Thay’re not people , they won’t have human feelings ( sometimes I wonder if teachers have them too ! ) Technology can bring something diffrent to boring classes but not totally taking control on lessons !

  7. In my opinion robots will never replace teachers, the only thing that might change in the future, the number of modern gear teaching to help students learn and making lessons more interesting.

  8. There are pluses and minuses of technology at schools. The biggest advantage is faster Internet. We can use books faster and better, not leaving home beacuse we have internet library. We can speak to people in the planet on telephone when we don’t know a solution to some problem in education. But we must know languages beacuse not everyone speaks our mother tongue. Robots will never be better than people in thinking. They help, it’s true, but they will never exceed people.

  9. In my opinion robots will never replace teachers, but they can helping in lessons. Teachers through the extra help they could learn more and more efficiently.I suspect that in the future, robots will be helpful and will be a normal thing.

  10. I have a distance from today’s developing technology. I also think it’s good to introduce innovative teaching methods in schools, but not everything, there are limits to my tolerance. For me, a traditional book has more meaning and respect than a text read from a computer, i-pad or an audiobook.
    I know that technology is for people. It’s there to help us access information and content quickly, but it’s often an easy way to get there. Everything is supposed to be fast, good and for now. There is almost everything in the computer so we don’t have to go to the library, anyway, why waste time on getting to it. Such thinking is not good.
    I cannot imagine working robots instead teachers in the distant future – that would be terrible and bad for future generations. Also, I can’t imagine computers instead of notebooks, a mouse instead of pens. That would be the end of the normal world for me. The end of people-to-people links, relationships and communication. People would become closed machines between the wall and the monitor screen.
    This is my sad vision of the world, but as we know the appetite grows on new ideas. I think that technology in schools should be used as much as possible, but in moderation and in a wise way.Unfortunately, we do not know what the future will bring us! Nevertheless, I believe that HUMAN and human wisdom, as well as places developing culture and education, such as libraries, museums, exhibitions, schools and so on, cannot be replaced by even the most advanced technology.

  11. I believe that science will look completely different in the future. I imagine it in such a way that books will be replaced by tablets or laptops. However, I don’t think that robots would replace any teacher:)

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