Bad news – the summer holidays are over :/

back to school… said no teacher ever. And no student ever, I guess…
But let’s face it – another school year has just begun, and what we need to do is to squeeze as many good things as possible out of it 🙂
I must tell you, every year, on the 31st of August, when I need to say goodbye to the sweet summer laziness, check up ‘Librus’, dust all the textbooks, buy a new red pen, etc. I look at all these things and smile to myself, thinking: thank God I still love my job 🙂
See you soon guys 🙂

One Response to Bad news – the summer holidays are over :/

  1. School year although it lasts long it is good time to know new peoples and learn more usefull things. This year is ending but don’t worry, hollidays will be really short and after 2 months we can go back to school and again learn much new informations.

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