Share your Passion – part 2 – Nicola & singing

passionHello everyone,
I’m Nicola and I really want to tell you something about my passion. I love singing, I’ve loved doing this for years.
I still remember when I was 6 and I got a microphone from my teacher and started singing for my mom on Mother’s Day. She was so moved, and I think she was crying. I’ve sang in three choirs in my life and I’ve always had so much fun when I could get some words to sing, and sing it with all my heart. I’m treble now but 2 years ago when I started attending the 3rd choir I was alto. Then my voice changed into higher, and that’s how I became treble. I always loved performing on stage even though I was so stressed! Being in the choir taught me to follow my dreams, never give up, and that it’s not always great but after all every bad thing changes into a good one.

I don’t sing in a choir anymore. When I started going to high school I couldn’t find time to continue singing. I think I wasn’t that good to try to reconcile school with the choir. I didn’t see my future in singing, but anyways that was the best years of my life and I’ll always have good memories connected with singing in the choirs. Now I’m a little bit less confident when it comes to singing for people, but I still love doing it, even if I sing only for myself. Music is the most important thing in my life and I appreciate every day when music can get into my ears and make me happy.

If you have the same passion as me, leave a comment below!

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