Share your passion – part 4 – Ola & books

passionHello, my name is Ola and I want to share my passion with you – it’s reading books.

In my childhood I really didn’t like reading anything longer than 20 pages. I used to be a weird child – I didn’t like reading, but I loved when someone was reading to me. One day a teacher told me to read “In Desert and Wilderness” and when I was reading it at home, I started crying. My parents hardly convinced me to read this.

In the summer after my last grade of primary school I was really bored. All my friends went on holidays so I didn’t know what to do. One day my mom gave me… a book. I was very angry about this fact, but I was so bored that I started reading the book. Everyone (including myself) was surprised when after two days I asked my mother for the next book! So my first read book was “City of Angels” written by Cassandra Clare. Since that time she has been my favorite writer and her series “The Mortal Instruments” changed my life in every way.

Now I have only about 150 books, but I’m going to enlarge my collection. I really like fantasy books, but sometimes I prefer crime books. Apart from the books written by Cassandra Clare, I like creations of Richelle Mead, Suzanne Collins, Amy Ewing, Sarah J.Maas, Stephen King, Anne Perry and many other authors of fantasy and crime books, but Cassie will be my love till the end.

At the end of life I will be grateful to my mom because thanks to her, reading has become my passion. By reading I can break away from reality, move to the world created by an author and experience amazing adventures. That’s why I love reading.unnamed (1)

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  1. I also love reading books! And my favourite author is Amy Ewing! Maybe you know her trylogy of jeweler? You should read it, its A M A Z I N G <3

  2. Reading books is one of my favourite ways to spend my free time! I love crime books as well but my beloved author is Marek Krajewski. All of his books are incrediable , especially “Erynie” and ” Arena szczurów”.

  3. Books are amazing and they could develop our imagination, furthermore, they very often change the way we see the world. I am a big fan of very popular series written by J. K. Rowling. Of course it is Harry Potter series. And being honest, I own all seven books and I have read each of them many times. One of my dreams is to go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Have any of you ever been there?

  4. Reading books can be not only passion, but can be helpful in school and learning. This is very developing job. People often don’t have time for passions, books can you take everywhere you want. You can read book on the bus, on a school break and in every situations and it’s great!
    I wish you a lot of interesting adventures with books!:)

  5. When I was younger, about ten yo, I used to hate reading books. I can still remember my mum reading me books that I didn’t really like but I was to afraid to tell her about that.
    The first book that I read all by myself was a book written by Curwood. Then I just thought ‘Hey, reading is fun!’ and that’s how my adventure with books started. Now I can’t imagine my life without reading books or even short stories written and shared on an app called Wattpad.

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