Share your passion – part 5 – Ada, Dominika & pole dancing

passionHi, we’re Ada and Dominika. We’re 17 and we’re best friends. Pole dancing is our biggest passion. Our story with pole dancing started two years ago. It was a very special time for us because the moment we started practising this discipline was the beginning of our friendship.
Our decision to go to the first training was very spontaneous. We had no idea what exactly pole dancing was. We thought it would be a great way to spend free time with each other, and that it wouldn’t be hard to practise. On the first training we saw that it was not as easy as we had thought, and our coach schowed us that pole dancing was something more interesting and complicated – it was the time when we realised that it was something special for us.
Everybody thinks that pole dancers are only women who dance in go-go clubs, but IT’S NOT TRUE! It’s a really difficult sport, which requires great commitment and dedication.
image1The best pole dancers are admirable. Pole dancers must be very strong and athletic, because of this it’s a great way to stay fit. Dancers must also be tough and determined because they can hurt thamselves practising complex moves and routines. Pole dancing is a great exercise but it’s also a lot of fun and can bring people together.

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  1. Hi, I also think, that dancing is a skill that everyone should know but your passion is really impressive. I think this hobby is very exhausting and you must be hard-working. I wish you a lot of success and many prizes in competitions!

  2. Yeah i think that spending time with best friends is always a good idea(: you found something special for youselves and you can share it with other people together. Keep doing it and have fun <3

  3. It’s true – everyone thinks that pole dancing or pole fitness are good for woman of easy virtue. And it’s good excercise engaging lots of muscules ! It’s even better if you can share your passion and hobby with someone who love it as much as you do , it’s incredable and also connect people.

  4. Monika Młodzianowska

    I was once on pole dance lesson and that was really hard for me. That’s true that pole dancers must be atletic but I disagree with statement that everybody thinks pole dancers are dancing in clubs go-go. Now many young women are trying that discipline and they are not afraid that it will be badly associated

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