Share your passion – part 6 – Iga & creepy writing ;)

passionHi, my name is Iga and my passion is writing. Like, seriously, writing is what I’ve been gladly doing for years now.

I think it started when I was about 11, when I developed an interest in horror movies. Then I started reading quite mature books and listening to music no one my age would listen to. After that I thought of putting my interest on paper. That’s how my first dark story kind of came to life. It was obviously horrible and when I found it a few years later, I wanted to kill it with fire.
The more blood, the better, of course, especially when vampires or psychopaths are included. I like to put on my headphones, make a cup of hot chocolate, turn off the lights, get some vampiric music box on and just spit out every creepy thought of my mind. When I put ‘em all together, they make quite a good story. But the feeling, the trance I sink in is amazing. I sincerely recommend that feeling.
I love it when things get dark. I like to turn a common simple kiss and a sunset into a deep, passionate one, happening in a dark forest. My eyes just turn to two little lights when I get new ideas, especially in classroom, which makes it really hard to focus. I tend to create characters I love, imagine myself in situations I present and it makes everything even better. I take myself to another world.
I don’t only write stories, but also some short devilish poems. Sometimes, I might get a bit too far when it comes to school essays. Last year, my teacher sent me to the school’s psychologist, because my story was too drastic and worrisome, even though it didn’t include any blood. But I didn’t really mind. I liked it and laughed at the situation. Even the psychologist admitted that she really liked the story, so…
Anyway, I encourage every single one of you to start writing for yourself, especially about what you like. You can write poems, fanfiction, novels. You can release your stress, forget about problems and, as I mentioned before, take yourself to a better place for a moment. It’s like reading a book, but better, because you are the one who creates the characters and places, and decides what’s gonna happen. I just love it.

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  1. I think its great that we are able to write down our thoughts and that always can make us feel better when we are for example sad. I have my own diary so I am kind of writer too 😀

  2. Wiktoria Kaczmarek

    Interesting passion at the that you can describe every single moment of life of more or less important from your life or observing your surroundings, you can write about the everything this great passion and ability 🙂

  3. You must have rich imagination to invent their own stories. I admire you. Maybe in a few years to see your book in a bookstore, good luck!

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