Share your passion – part 7 – Matylda & her music

passionHello everyone! My name is Matylda and I’m going to tell you something about my passion. Actually it would be better just to call it “my life”. So… I can’t live without music. It’s like oxygen to me. Once me and my best friend were thinking about what would happen if music didn’t exist?! Can you imagine it? 
Well… I started playing the classical guitar when I was 10 years old and it swallowed me like a whirlpool. So one year later I tried to play the electric guitar and I liked it, too. Some time later I was visiting Europe for a few weeks without the love of my life – my guitar. That was so sad. It’s like when your boyfriend or girlfriend is leaving you for five weeks. So my daddy took me to the only music shop we managed to find there, and we bought an acoustic guitar! That was an amazing feeling! I fell in love with this sound and I’m still in love with it. I had been playing on my new instrument until it broke down. My next acoustic guitar  was a Christmas gift. And somewhere between that moments I started playing the bass guitar and attending singing lessons. _I7C0598
Now I have my own concerts and I’m doing my best with singing and playing guitars. I want to make a living out of my music and I do believe my dream is going to come true.
PS. If you’re interested in my work, you can check my social media channels:
instagram: matylda_makowska
youtube: Matylda Makowska
facebook: Matylda Makowska

7 Responses to Share your passion – part 7 – Matylda & her music

  1. Hi, your passion is the same as mine. I love singing too!. When I went to music school I used to sing and play the piano. I would dedicate more time to my hobby if I had any. I heard you on talent competition at school and I felt really excitied when you sang. I wish you a lot of success on pursuing a career! 😀

  2. Hey I am a huge fan of music too. I used to play saxophone when I was in music school. I had to retourn the sax, because I was sick. That was really a stressful experience. I wish I could go back to playing it. It makes me really happy. Every tune, every sound that it makes brings me joy. Also I often play saxophone music on my computer just to hear the sound of it. Maybe one day I will be able to continue my music journey. All the best.

  3. I think you have a huge gift. I heard your voice many many times! Especially in a changing room ! You should everything to share your passion with others. Small amount of people can be proud that they can sing so well. It’s very rare gift but you should be grateful for it!

  4. You have talent, but I think that own concert had to be stressful for you! My mum and brother sometimes play on the piano, because we have it in home. Several times I tried to play, too, but I don’t feel this… I prefer to listen music than playing it. Good luck in your musical dreams!

  5. I think Matylda is very talented. Her dad saw it first and he decided to help doughter educate to be better and better. In my opinion it is very important have support. Our parents and friends should always shows us we really can make dreams come true.

  6. I used to sing when I was like 5 or 6 yo and it quickly became my passion, so I truly understand your love to music.
    There are songs that literally made me change my mind about my life and the world in general.
    I’ve been following your ig for like a year now and I’m really impressed by your voice, it’s beautiful. 🙂

  7. I had a pleasure to hear Matylda’s concert out of school and she is really amazing. I mean, her voice is incredibly warm and intriguing. Additionally, she creates such a nice and weightless vibes around herself. She definitely is gifted, and I am glad that she is doing so much work to become pro.

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