QUIZLET – learning vocabulary has never been easier!

QVocabulary… always vocabulary… Endless lists of words, which are much more difficult to remember than to forget after the test, or even worse – before taking it. If you want to learn vocabulary more effectively, faster and make the words stay in your head, QUIZLET is a tool which can help you do it. And what’s most important – it’s absolutely free!

You can use Quizlet using your smarphone or your computer.







Thanks to my students there are ready-made lists of vocabulary from the coursebooks we use at our school. If you can’t find the list you need, you can create your own database in a few minutes – really! It’s intuitive, quick and easy!

How to start?

You have to log in. You can create an account or log in via facebook (it’s quick and easy).
If you want to use the lists of words we have created you have to find me 🙂 My username is: halina43. You just type it in the search box search



Then choose the course which you want to join, e.g. English for Matura (Repetytorium Poziom Podstawowy), Matura Focus 2, Matura Focus 3, Matura Focus 4.
Click: Join Class and wait for my approval. After I do it, you can use the resources we have created.

How can you learn?
When you pick the set of vocabulary you want to study, you have the following options:


You just have to click the options and see how it works. It’s really easy and fun!

For me, Quizlet is the best educational tool I’ve come across, and it’s unbelievable that it’s free!
Go on, try it and I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via librus, or via e-mail: halina-krol@wp.pl

for the Polish version of this post go to:

9 Responses to QUIZLET – learning vocabulary has never been easier!

  1. For me quizlet is very helpful in learning English. I like the fact that I have many easy and fun options. I can learn for my exams and tests with quizlet . It is great that I can log in via Facebook. Quizlet is the best tool if you want to remember new words faster and more effectively. It is very important for me that it is absolutely free, because I can learn every time I need. Quizlet is great!

  2. I think this site is pretty amazing for people who want to learn some new language and they don’t have enough time to go on a course or they don’t have any possibility to talk with a native speaker. But I think even more helpful than this app is watching foreign tv series or movies or even podcasts.

  3. Marcelina O. 2d

    Quizlet has taken teaching on a new dimension. It is not only that we can learn several things at once but also we can learn whenever and wherever we would like to as the mobile phone is always with us. It is without any doubt perfect solution for today’s youth, who practically live the virtual life. The phone app hits the jackpot; it’s easy to use and to understand because it’s written in simple language, therefore teenagers are keen to use it.
    I think that thanks to this app we will quickly and easily learn English, Maths, and all the other school subjects.

  4. Quizlet is the most evolving app that I have ever discovered. I am so thankful that you have shown me and my classmates this useful tool. Since I have started using this appliacation, I can’t already imagine me learing vocabulary without it. Otherwise, you can use it wherever you are, if only you have your smartphone close at hand.

  5. Monika Młodzianowska

    I’m from those people who don’t take a lot of time to learn vocabulary, but I have to admit that learning through a quizlet is definitely more enjoyable and sometimes when I had a problem remembering a word quizlet really helped me.

  6. I think QUIZLET is the best way to learn vocabulary. There are many methods of learning vocabulary on this application, starting from reading to matching English to Polish words. I recommend this application to everyone!

  7. For me Quizlet is a very helpful application, website. It can help to prepare ourselves for a quiz or test. We will find units there with words we would learn. You can choose between different forms of learning (learning, fiches, writing, matching and testing). Everyone will surely find the right way of learning for themselves and will be satisfied with it.

  8. Marek Dobrzański

    Quizlet really is an easy way to learn English vocabulary. If you don’t like just reading words in English and Polish, quizlet allows us to learn in different ways. It was so much help to me when i I was struggling in class. I am sure that everyone who will uses it will be a master of English in no time

  9. I think that quizlet is the best way to learn vocabluary. We’ve got prepered list of words, but the best is that we can make our own. For example when we watch some TV series, it’s much more effective to put words we can’t understand on quizlet than typing it in translator and forgeting them. In free time we can repeat making it. By some time, words might come to our mind and we can use it everywhere! Beautiful. Also It’s the best way to learn for every vocab-test in school.

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