“Daffodils – Remembering Together” by Ala Gibki

Papierowy_żonkil_70_rocznica_powstania_w_getcie_warszawskimOn the 19th of April you could see many people walking with a yellow paper daffodil attached to their jackets or shirts. Many people wondered what it was all about. On the 19th of April our class 1B organized a social campaign devoted to The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which took place exactly 74 years ago, in 1943. Before the whole campaign began, we had prepared a lot of hand-made paper daffodils. Why daffodils? – you might ask. Well, they have a symbolic meaning. Every year on the 19th of April Marek Edelman, the last commander of the Jewish Combat Organization, used to lay a bouquet of yellow flowers on the monument which symbolizes The Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Half of the students went out of the school, the rest of us stayed inside. There were some things that had to be done. We walked round the city handing the paper daffofils to random people and asking them a few questions about the Warsaw Ghetto. Their reactions were very diverse and sometimes surprising for us. Some people knew about the anniversary, they were really happy to talk to us and pinned the paper flowers to their jackets willingly. Others didn’t want to answer the questions and doggedly refused having a photo taken. Some of them had different opinions about the Rising in the Warsaw Ghetto. They kept saying that Jews killed a lot of Polish people during the Second World War and due to this fact they didn’t want to take part in our campaign. Such reactions were an unpleasant shock for us.
Personally I think it’s very important for us to remember about everyone who died there. They sacrificed their lives to be free, nothing else actually mattered more than this. I believe this campaign was really eye-opening. People should take a lesson, stop for a while and think of these sad pages of history.
And what do you think about this campaign?

Ala Gibki, 1B

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  1. I think that such campaigns are needed. We often forget about the blah problems, so we can forget about an anniversary or some holiday. I’m pleased that somebody bothers to remind me about this anniversary. I gladly join it. I think that people, who had negative attitude to this action don’t have well developed values. They can’t understand the past and this is bad. Maybe they didn’t learn. No one has the right to judge the victims of war. Extreme views are fanaticism. This is horrible and sad, but we can’t do anything. It is important that we do remember!

  2. It’s a beautiful thing to commemorate people who have fought for our country. Many people have forgotten about their sacrifice and the fact that we’re a free and independent country because of people who died trying to achieve their dream -freedom in Poland.

  3. I think that this is very important campaign, especially for young people.This is sad aspect of our history, but we should celebrate this day. Such campaigns help to understand the feelings of victims and their families and teach compassion and empathy. This is great idea!

  4. A lot of young people don’t know what happended in 1943 and we want to change it. Our teachers helped us all the time and we got this! Students were very interested in this action and took pictures with daffodils. I hope we’ll do it next year again.

  5. I think your action is impressive. The memory of history, especially the memory of young people, is very wonderful. I hope that every year there will be more and more such actions organized by the young generation.

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