Happy National Education Day – it’s your holiday too!

The 14th of October is referred to as Teachers’ Day. Well, it’s only partly true. This is not only my holiday, it’s yours as well. On this special day we celebrate Education – with a capital E.

One of my students asked me once: “Why do you teach? Why don’t you find a job  that that pays? A job that’s less stressful and more rewarding?” Well, there was just one answer I could give – because I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. And today I want to thank you – my students for everything YOU teach ME. I learn from you all the time. And actually this is what I love about this job most. You are creative, fun, frank and resourceful. Stay like this. And never stop learning.

7 Responses to Happy National Education Day – it’s your holiday too!

  1. I think most of the teachers forget that education is not one-sided. It’s nice that there are still people like you. I’m more than happy to be your student. We really appreciate how good our relation is.

  2. Unfortunately the last National Education Day in my high sql student life was on Saturday so everybody had a day off anyway… but what all I want to say is I was wondering why teachers became teachers… As u said, there are many well paid jobs where knowledge u have as a teacher is required. So why this profession? I was thinking due to my mom. She’s also a teacher and one day when I asked her about it, she said that this job makes her younger and she just loves spending time with students?

  3. A teacher’s day is an important day because we celebrate that we could be taught by such wonderful people. What is more, it is very important to be surrounded by teachers who are passionate about the thing they do.

  4. I think that to do what you love doing is a real goal in life, and to be good at it is even better. Some of my friends are teachers and they can’t imagine themselves doing anything else as well.
    You’re one ot the best teachers I’ve ever met and I’m so happy to have you as both English and form teacher.

  5. Teacher’s Day is a wonderful holiday. All teachers deserved such a feast by devoting their time to teaching young people.

  6. National Education Day is the most important day, because we can celebrate really devoted people to that job. We can thank them for their contribution and sacrifice,which weren’t properly rewarded. So , that’s why we should show more respect to such teachers as you 🙂 .

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