A not-a-stick and a not-a-box…

English. Creativity. Fun.
These three key words define what we do during our Creative Squad classes. This time we played with two children books by Antoinette Portis and tried to revive our childlike imagination.
What is just a stick for an adult, might be everything BUT a stick for a child. Check out what we’ve created using two things: a not-a-stick and a not-a-box.
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10 Responses to A not-a-stick and a not-a-box…

  1. Very interesting how our imagination can adapt to the situation in which we are. Even a person who is not used to smiling, wants to smile when there is an opportunity to think like a child once again.

  2. These classes were very inspiring. They helped me to spread my imagination and find any usual stuff more magical. It’s extremly pleasing when you find out that your brain can still work as if you were five and full of innovative ideas.

  3. Wow, these pictures show us everyone is different, thinks and sees the world from other perspective. Someone can see there a sword but someone else can see a wand or a fishing rod. Some drawings are really weird and I could never think there can be a thing like this.

  4. Patryk Giżyński

    Hah, I did this task. It is very interesting because I will show our creativity and perception of the same pig with a stick on many different versions.

  5. This task is great! It can show us that we are different from each other and even now in times of globalisation we are still not the same when it comes to creativity too.

  6. It’s actually really great that school allows students to use a little imagination and let them do something creative. Over time, as we grow up, we loose our children’s imagination and we start to seeing world in gray colors. This task also showed that everyone is different and that everyone can have a different idea about a given topic.

  7. I’ve also been on those classes. I really vividly remember how fun it was to take a small brake from normal school activities. But other than beeing glad for skipping a normal subject, we still took a lesson out of it – it’s important to stay creative and to try think even a little bit out of the box.

  8. Very creative fun! I was full of admiration of the imagination of others. While some saw liana instead of a stick, others created a pistol for the offender. Absolutely liked it!

  9. WOW, this is a very interesting task.
    I am delighted with the action of human creativity:)

  10. Childhood times it’s the best time for a human. Parents can do everithing, atleast majority of thing for us, and we can devote ourselves to our imaination. You have a good idea. It’s to go back to the times, when we were children. Then the world seemed simpler. Thanks to our imagination we can be so motivated that we’re able to to do anything, that seems impossible.

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