Why go skiing if you can go shovel-riding? – a post by Ala

Winter time is usually hard for most people, as lots of us prefer summer – you know when it’s warm outside and we have a long summer break. It turns out to be even worse, when it comes to people who like different types of outdoor sports. Seriously, can you imagine doing something like street workout when you can’t even get your hands out of your pockets or take off your gloves because it’s so freezing outside? Yeah, me neither.

Although young people tend to be considered armchair sportsmen, I’m certain lots of us love exercising, as sport equals good mood and health. So, let me tell you about some unusual sports I’ve come across today while surfing the Internet.

Have you ever heard about shovel racing? Yep, it does exist, even if that sounds pretty ridiculous. It’s not so complicated – all you actually have to do is to find a shovel that is big enough, call some friends and find a nice hill. I tell you, fun guaranteed!

Are you a fan of bikes and you get upset when snow is all around and you can’t really cycle to school or work? Most people don’t ride when it’s cold because, well – it’s cold. If you get dressed properly, then low temperature is not a problem, yet there still is this thing called snow. It’s hard for a typical urban bike to deal with it, but there’s an another great solution – fat biking. It’s not really different from what we have in big cities. The only difference is that you just need a variant equipment, which is a bike with ‘fatter’ tyres. If you have them, you’re free to go outside and enjoy your ride, preferably with some friends as well.

Do you want an another example? There you go! I’ve always wanted to try snow polo. As a person, who loves horses, I truly believe there’s nothing better than a gallop through the snow – well, riding on the beach would be also a great experience. As it’s harder to ride during winter, snow polo would be a huge challenge for me, yet I’d enjoy it for sure.

There’s also a great sport offer for those, who love jogging, but winter makes it harder to run in typical running shoes. It’s called snowshoeing. All you actually need is to have snowshoes, which will make you feel more comfortable and safer.

We don’t have a lot of snow this year but you might find these sport disciplines quite intriguing or at least a little interesting and unusual. Who knows, maybe you’ll try some of them in the future?

Ala Gibki, 2B

Picture source: Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay and Flickr 

9 Responses to Why go skiing if you can go shovel-riding? – a post by Ala

  1. Actually I’m really a snowboarding person when talking about winter sports, but the disciplines u’ve mentioned are interesting. These atypical sports are quite good idea for people who are not into winter sports. Maybe they could find something special for them. Personally I think that traditional snowboarding or skiing are great for everybody. U just need to practice and it brings lots of fun.

  2. In principle, I’m loyal to all summer sports, which I love, but maybe its high time to try something new. From what you had proposed, I would gladly try fat biking. It seems to be great fun, but as a chilly person, I’m not sure if I can handle freezing temperatures.

  3. I’m really glad that someone showed that winter sports can also be fun! I’m trying to convince as many people as I can to start experimenting with new sports in winter time. Thanks to your post I can show them how unique this magical season can be. Personally, I love winter since birth and ice skating is my favourite sport, but unfortunatelly, it is not that popular and in Poland we can’t enjoy skating as much as in other countries.

  4. Surely, winter activities are surprising. But think of upcoming summer… So many possibilities and beautiful weather. What else could you want? I can’t stop thinking about chilling in the pool with a cold juice in a hand. Or maybe I will do something new, something like summertime shovel-riding, who knows?

  5. I love winter! It’s a perfect time to go somewhere with your family or friends and do some winter sports. I’m a quite big fan of skiing I do it every year but trying somthing new isn’t bad. I think that this discipline is very interesting and I will try it soon, promise.

  6. I always want to try snowboard but I don’t like when is cold and when i have to put on a lot of clothes. Sports described in the text sound very nice and i want try it because it’s something new for me.

  7. I don’t like winter sports, if only because I have to get dressed quite thickly but the given activity in the fasting until it encourages me to go out to the cold, unfortunately the winter is over.

  8. I really miss winter, snow, and of course winter sports. This season I didn’t go too often, and now summer begins. I love to ski or going snowborading but i can’t choose one ;(( I’m waiting for next season! <3

  9. Wow! I didn’t think that such sports exist. In my childhood I had a dream to have a pony or a horse, and in general I loved horses. I think horseback riding in winter is suitable for cold lovers, I don’t really like summer heat so that’s just for me!

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