Happy EASTER :)

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  1. I think that Easter is the most beautiful time in all year. People enjoying time with their family and eat cakes and eggs. I love cakes. And I love Easter time. I hope your Easter was great time for meet with your family and chill out.

  2. Easter is not appreciated like Christmas, which makes me very sad. People are blinded by the vision of gifts and they ignore the magic of Easter, but this holiday is also very important, actually more important than Christmas for Christians.
    Also, for me, Easter has more delicious food which we can eat. And thanks to the dishes which are more easily digestible, more people can eat them without any problems with health.

  3. Easter break was great, but now I can’t wait for summer holidays. Just a few weeks left, but it’s still spring, and a lot of work needs to be done. I wish the end of the semester would come as soon as 25 degrees outside this year…

  4. I think Christmas are better than Easter,I never felt magic of this holiday maybe because first is more celebrated,in my opinion

  5. Easter is one of the most beautiful days of the year. It is celebrated in rememebrance of the resurrection of Jesus.
    That day we meet our family at the Easter breakfast, there we share food from the Easter basket, and we enjoy it. In the basket you can always find sausages, butter in the shape of a lamb , eggs, Easter cake, horseradish, a little bread and salt.

  6. In my opinion Easter is one of those days, when you can spend your free time with family… In some cases it’s the only time when you’re able to meet whole family together, furthermore it’s truly important when someone is religious.
    Actually in Catholic Religion Easter is the most important holiday.

  7. When I was a child I really liked to gather to play with my family in collecting eggs. The fun consisted in the fact that the eggs were buried in the yard. I and my siblings were looking for them everywhere. This is my favorite part of Easter.

  8. Easter – the first thing that comes to my mind is Easter bunny because I’m not that religious. My mom is, so Easter is like a big fest with a table spread of feast. Easter Sunday is celebrated with much fervor with our house buzzing with relatives and activities.

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