WropenUP! – a post by Kasia and Ewa

We’re all living from Monday till Friday, waiting for the weekend. But not for all of us Saturday is a day off. For the last few weeks we have participated in workshops called WropenUp. They were mostly about working in groups, talking and practicing English.

The first workshop was entitled ‘Multicultural abilities’ . We were divided into groups of fifteen and, fortunately, we managed to stay together for the whole project. Our team leader was from India. We were learning about the meaning of stereotypes and how they could affect our lifes. It was all fun and jokes, but the lesson was very important – never judge the book by its cover, because in the end we all have the same value as people. No matter what skin skin color you have, whether you are poor or rich, a catholic or not – these are the things that should not matter when it comes to chances of fair employment and treating each other equally.
The next month we participated in ‘project management’ in Volvo. It was more formal than the first workshop. Our task was to arrange imaginary grandma’s birthday. We had a big schedule to fill with plenty of tasks. Choosing the place, time, invitations and food – it was all in our hands. And one thing that we can now agree upon is that ogranisation isn’t that easy and you need a big head to manage. There are always some unexpected tasks when you’re working with people. Someone can get sick, someone can change their mind about decorations, and you are the person who has to deal with it.
The last workshop was called ‘the art of presentation’ and took place in IBM. It was the most useful one. We learned a lot about how to present yourself and your project in front of people. We deliver presentations at school, but now we know how to do it proffessionally. And it’s way more than a nice font in PowerPoint. The way you look, who your audience is and where you present – it all matters.
Now we’re waiting for the next and unfortunately the last workshop. It will take place at Google and we are super excited! We hope we will learn something about being a leader.
In the end, WropenUp did a really good job. We really appreciate the amount of effort they put into it and the knowledge we gained will surely not be wasted.
Kasia Karpińska, Ewa Proburzańska IIB

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  1. This idea sounds great. If it was possible for me at school, I would be happy to report. I used to participate in this type of workshop, but not in language.

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