Good to see you again!

I try to recall the moment in March when I had my last lessons with you. The COVID-19 pandemic was something we didn’t know much about. When we were saying goodbye for the 14 days lockdown (as hoped at that very moment), nobody really thought it would last so long. It was a difficult yet thought-provoking time. We have also got to know new ways of learning, many of which, I do hope, we are going to continue using.
I would be really grateful if you could share your opinions about our online lessons, the apps we have used, the online testing tools. Which of them do you like, and which do you find useless? How do you feel about implementing elements of e-testing (google forms, Quizizz) during our regular classes at school, in place of traditional paper ones? Thank you in advance for all your comments. To make a dream-English-team, we need to co-operate 🙂 See you soon! 

One Response to Good to see you again!

  1. I really enjoyed our English lessons on Teams. They were like normal lessons. I liked quizizz and mentimeter and of course quizlet.

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