1920x1440-funny-halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-real-house-designA dozen or so years ago the 31st October in Poland used to be just a normal day. People didn’t do anything special, apart from buying candles and preparing graves for All Saints’ Day. It has changed quite recently as Halloween arrived in Poland straight from the USA. The same way as the St Valentine’s Day had done a few years before. And so we have carved pumpkins, witch hats, scary jelly beans and zombie masks in every single supermarket. Lying next to candles and chrysanthemums. And kids in spooky costumes walking from house to house, asking for sweets. Polish and American tradition mixed together.
halloween-fantastic-happy-helloween-wallpapers-hd-widescreen-picturesMany Polish people object to that, claiming that it is demoralizing and should be banished. Others welcome it with open arms, saying it’s great fun and there’s nothing bad in accepting new traditions. And you? Where do you stand on it? Do you think we should be open to western customs and celebrations, or should we rather stand in opposition to them, fighting for what is purely Polish?

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14 Responses to (un)HAPPY about HALLOWEEN?

  1. In my opinion, celebrating Halloween is good fun for children and even for aldults. This holiday provides smile on our faces. It’s just one day in year, that’s why it shouldn’t be banished.

  2. I don’t understand people who criticize Halloween. This holiday is primarily amazing fun (I know because once I also celebrated Halloween with my friends and I have great memories). I don’t see anything wrong about that. Of course, each country has its own traditions that we should respect, but I think that we should also be open to others : )

  3. I think Halloween is a good fun especially for a children. I don’t understand people who say firm “NO!” for Halloween. These people don’t have to celebrate this day. In my opinion we should be open to western customs and celebrations but we can’t forget about our national celebrations.

  4. When I was in France I had the opportunity to see celebration of Halloween. A group of children in scary costumes ( vampires, skeletons, ghosts) visited houses, apartments and collected candies like our Polish children. It’s very funny and colorful. Everything that is fun and nice is acceptable.

  5. Personally I love Halloween. It’s so bad that Polish people don’t like it. I remember when two years ago me and my friends went collecting sweets. People looked down on us or didn’t open the door. In spite of that I celebrate Halloween every year. I go to the clubs where people are dressed up as somebody scary or I stay at home with my friends. We watch horror films or tell scary stories. I often decorate house for Halloween. In the shops we can find Halloween accessories but not in every supermarket.

  6. First of all Halloween should be fun. Children can make a Halloween costume that allows them to be creative and they can eat a lot of candy one day in a year. It is nothing wrong, so I don’t understand people who don’t like this holiday. Maybe they people fear ghosts …

  7. In my opinion Halloween is fun. Most people, including young people, disguise themselves as different characters. People decorate their homes in a typical Halloween theme. Personally, I celebrate Halloween every year. I meet my friends and together we celebrate this holiday at home or go to a club where the main theme of the event is Halloween. In my opinion we should not say “no” to this holiday. Each country has its own traditions but we should also be open to others.

  8. I think that Halloween is great fun for children. You can see the joy in their little eyes, when they get candies. As a child, I also went to the homes of friends and I repeated ” Trick or treat ” 😀 I really have great memories of Halloween 🙂

  9. I think that Halloween isn’t Polish tradition and we should maintain our culture. In my opinion we have very long and wonderful tradition, customs and ceremonies and it determines our independence. All Saints’ Day is a beautiful Catholic holiday. I like celebrating it in Polish way. For me Halloween destroys Polish culture.

  10. According to me you should not celebrate Halloween in Poland. It is a negligence of Polish tradition which negatively affects the culture and the Christian religion, which strictly prohibits circumvention of that day.

  11. In my opinion we can do anything we want and no one can’t say we can’t do this or we can’t do that ! Obviously we need to keep celebrating our old traditions but we can also have some new traditions to stay “fresh” . It’s fun for children, that’s all !

  12. Maybe halloween is fun or interesting in USA but not in Poland. We have another way of spending this time. I wouldn’t like to see Polish children with big pumpkins in the street…

  13. Basia Sobków

    I think this short text shows us a true problem of multiculturism. A lot of people don’t know what are the consequences of buying a hat or supporting this event. Our Polish culture is slowly destroyed through this commercial event.
    On all Saint’s Day we sholud go to a cemetery and light up candles for the dead.
    We shouldnt forget about this.
    And we should stay Polish and should have our own rules.

  14. I must say I am against that kind of tradition. I come from a very religious family and I notice that a lot of people can not differentiate those two holidays: Halloween and All Saints’ Day. It look like we are celebrating someone’s death. However, I am a tolerant person and as long as people are aware of a difference, I am able to accept that.

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