Haunted House by Małgorzata Pieńkowska

Every year I arrange Halloween with my friends. This year wasn’t any different. As usual we planned going from house to house and asking for candies. Halloween has always been a special holiday, full of fun among my friends.

At about 7 p.m. we started trick-or-treating. People gave us candies and took pictures. We had already collected two big bags of sweets, when we got to the last house in the alley. It was a well-known ‘dark house’. Neighbors had been telling us various stories about it since we were little. Apparently at night you could hear screams coming from the house, although it has been abandoned for many years.
Someone suggested going inside. 34271-haunted-house-screen-saverWe walked into the rear garden and found out that the door was open. The only light we had was from the streetlights. Everything was covered by dust. In the middle there were stairs leading down. We headed towards them to see what was in the basement. We were going down slowly, step by step until we faced the door. Suddenly, on the other side someone started banging on it! We heard millions of whispers in strange languages. We started running away, screaming. We were confused. I’d never been so scared before! We called the police as soon as we could. They didn’t want to believe us, but they arrived. The house was searched through thoroughly, and as it turned out, it was completely empty. They didn’t find anything suspicious. We couldn’t believe it. The policemen thought we’d played a stupid joke. Soon everyone forgot about this event, but it will stay in my memories forever…

Picture source: game2live.net 

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