Borat, Middle Earth, Second Poland and Pierogies – European countries made in the USA

If I gave you a blank map of Europe, like the one below, would you be able to write the names of all the European countries on it?

Americans failed the test. It was carried out by BuzzFeed – a web portal. The task was just to write the names of the European countries. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it, as some of the answers are really funny. Just have a look HERE.
Poland changes its position depending on who completed the task:) There is even a country called Second Poland! Great! And Uzbekistan is our neighbour. Not bad! ย And which answers do YOU like most?
This article made me think of our national knowledge of geography. Do you think the Polish people would do better in such a test? And is it a shame not to have basic geographical knowledge?
Before you leave a comment, have a look at this video…
YouTube Preview Image
Looking forward to your opinions:)

6 Responses to Borat, Middle Earth, Second Poland and Pierogies – European countries made in the USA

  1. When I saw the first map and I saw that Poland is a “pierogies” I couldn’t stop laughing :D. I think, that I would choose the first map. My favourite answer is Poland named “pierogies” and magical picture with Turkey “I think this is chicken” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Before watching the video I thought that Polish people would make this better. When I watched this video I got scared. All Polish people should know what our country looks like and where the basic cities are.

  2. Ok. If we can’t stop laughing we should look at Poles.
    If I gave people in Poland the map of the USA and I asked: “Write all the USA states on this map” – nobody would fill in the map correctly and completely!!!
    We can’t laugh at USA when we don’t know the geography of the other end of the world. They don’t have to know European map because they don’t have to care about Europe. This is true ;(

  3. You are probably right. But you know what, when I looked at these maps again what I noticed was that most of the Americans knew more or less where Poland was. And that’s cool!

  4. The last map is the funniest map. It was much fun when they mismatched Poland with Germany, but “USSR” is also fun ๐Ÿ™‚ . But it’s very nice that so many maps have Poland filled in. I watched the video and I think that it’s fake! That was planned, this wasn’t a random person, they have done this only to make people watch it and make money on it.

  5. @Krzysztof H – I really hope you are right:)

  6. When I watch this video I think people’s stupidity never ends.
    Europe is a very big territory and how can one not know where a few countries are?
    It’s not Africa where countries are numerous, or Asia Minor where there is always war.
    Stupidity of people never stops amazing me.

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