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Another New Year has come. And again people are making brand new resolutions. What are the top ten resolutions according to the freshest statistics?1. Lose weight
2. Get organized
3. Spend less, save more
4. Enjoy life to the fullest
5. Stay fit and healthy
6. Learn something exciting
7. Quit smoking
8. Help others in fullfilling their dreams
9. Fall in love
Spend more time with family
We all know these are usually nothning but wishful thinking. Motivation usually gets smaller with the lapse of time and after a month or two nobody remembers about them. This makes me think of a board I have seen at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. It looked more or less like this:


This board was hung somewhere in the hall and everybody could come, take a piece of chalk and finish the sentence with their own ideas. Before I die… So the deadline is more remote. More time to fulfill the resolutions. But on the other hand, nobody knows when we will die. So there is a motivating factor – to make your dreams come true before you die, to meet the deadline (by the way – the word ‘deadline’ sounds so proper here!). It makes more sense to me than the clichéd New Year’s promises and declarations.

How would you finish this sentence? What do you want to do before you die and why? I’m looking forward to your before-I-die resolutions, hoping they will all come true!

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  1. Before I die I want to do something crazy,unpredictable and awesome.I want to make it happen because I will die anyway.

  2. After reading this post I came to the conclusion that this array was a very interesting and fun thing.
    Writing on the table leaves a track, which proves that we were here.
    At the end – the answer to the questions asked in the post: “What do you what to do before you die and why?”
    The answer is: “Before I die, I want to meet My Girl because you can’t die without saying goodbye”.

  3. It’s a coincidence that in New Year’s Eve I watched film which is called The Bucket List. This movie tells a story of two old men and their friendship. It is a very sad movie because they both had cancer. The men had a choice – wait for death or make their dreams come true. We can guess quickly what they did. It was easy because one of them was a millionaire. It’s depressing that most things (not all) that we dream about are expensive and we must have money. I have always wanted to fly a paraglider, go around the world, have a tattoo or buy a house with an enormous garden and a nice bower where I can watch sunsets. But no one is going to give me this for free. One of those things where money are not important is love. I have found it and everything has became better. To be completely happy I need the summer.

  4. San Diego-California

    Before I die I want to a meet beautiful and nice girl. I want to travel with her around the world. I’d take her to Australia, Mexico and all states of the United States of America from California to Florida by Montana and Texas. It is my only big New Year’s resolution 😉

  5. Before I die I want to speak English, French, German and Spanish 🙂
    I want to visit Mediolan and see Giuseppe Meazza.
    And I will (maybe I don’t want but this sounds good in the new year) be a good man.

  6. Before my death I want to live in an oryginal and amazing place, maybe sailing to Antarctica becauce I agree with point 4: enjoy life to the fullest. When I make something so amazing at that time I would know that I am complacent.

  7. I tkink that this board is an amazing idea. Everyone should have such board at home. I watched a movie once which talked about a young girl. She was a teenenger and she knew that she was going to die… This story was very unpleasant. But she didn’t lose hope. She made a list , something like the board which was described. Every day the girl made her dreams come true. It was beautiful, she could give up, but no. She fought;) She was managed to fulfil all dreams before she died. This story teaches us that everyone should have a dream and make it come true … It will make us happy.

  8. Before I die … I would like to travel around the world. I could see many interesting places, discover interesting culture, meet new people. Travelling teaches us responsibility, independence. Fortunately, I have a lot of time for the implementation of my plans 😉

  9. Before I die I want to go to Paris and sit at night under the Eiffel Tower and admire the beauty of Paris 🙂 I would also like to travel around the world to get to know the culture of other people of the Earth.

  10. Before I die I want to go with my love to Rio de Janerio, to Copacabana (it is a beautiful beach in the city). I’d love to sit there as long as possible and not to think about anything. And then go sightseeing around all the town and see the famous Rio carnival.

  11. Before I die I want to swim with dolphins, explore the world’s most interesting places and, the most important one, join some dance team and win championships.

  12. When I’m reading this post I’m beginnig to wonder how to finish this sentence: Before I die… and create a large list. The first place is going to Speedway Grand Prix and meeting my idols of speedway. Other example is going to Bahama. It’s one of the most wonderful places in the world. But now when I’m a teenager I want to live up to one hundred.

  13. Before I die I would like to move to England, get married and have 5 kids. I really don’t have so huge dreams, I just wanna be happy with people that someday I’ll love unconditionally and forever, hoping that after my death I would say that I had really good life.

  14. Before I die I want to meet Cassandra Clare which I love so much for writing great books also I want to go to New York ’cause it’s my second the biggest dream in my life. I love this place and I think that it is one of the most beautiful places all of the world.

  15. Before I die I would like to be super fit and have beautiful body. Stay healthy and meet my idols. But I wouldn’t like to fall in love before my death If I knew that I’m going to die soon, just because I don’t like make people sad.

  16. This is incredibile idea to do list “before I die”. I like this, because I can discover and learn new things. Before I die I want to learn to eat sushi with chopsticks. I would like to learn the customs, cuisine and culture of other countries. I would like so much to jump with a parachute. Dreams come true.

  17. Before I die I will have made friendship with an allien. Why not? I’m curious. Do Alliens believe in humans?

  18. That’s an interesting question Monika! I mean, if aliens believe in humans. I also think it’s quite egoistic of humans to be so sure we’re the only ones in the whole universe. I guess we might be aliens to some other beings from the outer space.

  19. Before I die I want to a meet my beautiful female actress. Go to the big mountains and jump to the parachute. See places which not everyone can see. And when I have to die, I want to die fast without suffering.

  20. I’m 17 yo which means that I’m still very young. I hate when people say ‘I’ll do that later, I have a lot of time!’ I think it’s no secret that all of us are running out of time. We pretend that we are gonna live forever but life doesn’t last as long as we think.
    IAs Adele sang in one of her songs – ‘I wish I could live a little more. Look up to the sky, not just the floor’.
    I want to live, not just survive. I’m going to do a lot of crazy things after high school and make my dreams come true. One of my biggest dreams is to meet Kit Harington who is my favourite actor and I’m so much in love with him! The second one is to go to Adele’s concert one day.
    I’m a very pessimistic person so I don’t really think that these dreams’ll come true one day but I know that I just have to believe it with all my heart.

  21. Actually, I don’t know what I want to do before I die. I have a lot of ideas, but they’re changing all the time, month by month. But if I have to answer now, one of my biggest dream is a tour all around Scandinavia and Asia. I’m fascinated by their cultures or the way they’re living.
    I love travelling so I think that I won’t stop only at these two regions, but they’re my priority at the moment 🙂

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