Beauty or brains? That is the question!

imagesI guess all of us sometimes think: what would it be like if…? Speculation is our nature, together with criticism. That’s why I have thought of a series of blog posts in which we’re going to speculate and practise our creativity. I will just ask you a simple question: “What … if…?” and I will ask you to finish it and explain why. So, let’s go! It’s hard to find a person without any complexes. We’d like to be prettier, slimmer, brighter… For some of us the list seems to be endless. So let’s imagine you get an unusual chance to change your life. But life is life, you can’t have everything.

beauty brainYou have a choice: you can be either exceptionally intelligent but dreadfully ugly, or stunningly attractive but totally stupid. Which option would you choose and why?


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17 Responses to Beauty or brains? That is the question!

  1. If I had a choice between beauty and being smart I would like to be a clever girl. A lot of people say that beautifiul people have easier life. But I think that it’s no true. Maybe employers more willingly give work to beautiful women ( tall, slim with blond hair and blue eyes) but it isn’t easy for her, because she must pretend being clever and learn everything. She must pretend somebody whom she isn’t. It is very dificult.. So I whould rather be clever and intelligent in order to find a job, where I’m the best and I can be myself ;).

  2. I think it’s true that beautiful people have easier live. When you are pretty another person thinks that you are smart, nice, talkative etc. You have a lot of friends and a better job. However I whould rather be clever . I’d earn a lot of money (I’d get a Nobel prize or something) and then I’d have a plastic surgery 😉

  3. @Malwina – that’s what you call a clever solution! 🙂 You’ve found a way to eat your cake and have it 🙂

  4. Sydney-Australia

    I’d to choose intelligent and ugly. Why?!? Because if I was intelligent I could play the stock market or in a casino (or rob a bank =D ). And then I would be very, very rich. I’d go to a good fashion stylist. She or he would select good clothes and hair style for me. People who are well-dressed are seen as handsome. Ultimately I would go to a plastic surgeon 😉 And I would be handsome and intelligent 😉

  5. Yes, it’s probably easier to pay someone to make yourself beautiful than to find a way to have your IQ increased:)

  6. Everyone is right, I think it’s better to be intelligent and ugly! The looks could change, but I don’t know any drug for stupidity… I think everyone is beautiful! Everyone has something nice. Perfect people don’t exist. I think people who are ugly but clever have true friends and true love – personality, being natural and being yourself are basic…

  7. If I had to choose between being beautiful or smart, I would choose to be smart. Appearance can be changed. You can buy better clothes, use make-up or have a pretty hairstyle. When a person is intelligent they can get really everything.For example they can find a good job that will give them good future.

  8. Intelligence never goes hand in hand with beauty. If I had to choose between beauty or being smart, I would choose to by beautiful because fortunately stupid people are always lucky in life 🙂 It is difficult to assess a perdon at first sight, so people mainly look at appearance.

  9. I would pick being intelligent and ugly. Though appearance can be helpful in life, intelligence is the most important. Without intelligence I wouldn’t even go to this school!

  10. I I would choose to be pretty and stupid because when you are beautiful you have a chance achieve a lot in your life thanks to the help of other people who admire your look.Unfortunately people always look at our apperance

  11. I think it’s better to be smart and ugly. Ugliness is a relative term, is perceived differently by everyone. It is the same percentage chance that we will find a partner being a person stupid and pretty and clever and ugly. The only question approach to emotions that need to be addressed. Being the intelligent, quickly find a partner suitable to our requirements. Stupidity difficult life. Especially in those extremely beautiful.

  12. I think I wouldn’t like to be ugly but smart. When people see ugly person they just think ‘oh my god he is go ugly, i really don’t feel like talking to him’. But when we see a beautiful girl or handsome boy we think ‘ he/she is nice, I would like to talk to him/her’. To be a clever person is so important, but it can sometimes hurt, so I’m choosing the beauty.

  13. I think that beautiful people have easier life so I would choose being pretty but stupid, because you can always learn something new, while we can’t change the way we look.

  14. When we are beautiful, people want to look at us but when we are clever, people want to listen to us. Listen to what we say and it’s amazing. So i don’t know what I would like to choose because both are important:(

  15. Aleksandra Z. 2D

    I would choose being stunningly attractive. I know it means that i would be totally stupid. It wouldn’t be easy choice for sure but when I think about it I still think being attractive is more important than being smart. When you’re attractive you will always make good first impression, if you’re ugly you don’t make good first impressions. Also being very smart is easy way to invent new advanced technologies and what’s next… advanced weapons. Weapon is first step to war so why would i choose being a person who in some way started war?!

  16. If I were forced to choose between being extremely stupid but gorgeous girl or really ugly highbrow, I would pick the second option. The reason of my decision is obvious, namely if you are a smart beast you can get a well paid job, then you are able to do with your look literally everything. Nowadays, to be a beauty icon you just have to have a lot of money. You don’t share my opinion? Take a look at Kylie Jenner 🙂

  17. Being pretty opens a lot of doors to anything. It’s a fact that beautiful women or handsome men have more opportunities than an ordinary person. Most of us are visualizers so it’s a common thing that we choose a pretty person because we instantly think that she or he is more talkative, more cheerful etc,. Furthermore, nowadays, the appearance towers talent, so a good looking person has bigger chances to achieve more and earn more.
    However, it doesn’t mean that being smart is unprofitable. There will always be a demand for positions requiring a lot of knowledge and maybe they will not be as well paid as the work of a celebrity, but certainly such a person has a better chance of being remembered. So I’d choose being smart but ugly, because not only appearance matters to me.

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