Battery low…

energizer-bunny-finalDo you remember the commercial in which an exhausted bunny (without Duracell batteries) flaked out? This is what I feel like.
A pile of your unchecked tests in front of me, a pile of dirty plates and mugs behind me, hundreds of other things on a must-do list in my head, and what? Nothing really. I feel like the bunny with an extremely low battery. I keep looking at the calendar on my fridge and it doesn’t help me at all. 2 weeks left to the winter break. Do you feel the same? I guess, you do. But I promise, I’ll try to dig out at least some of my natural energy, and  we will make it to the winter break, won’t we? It’s Monday tomorrow, so see you at school! 🙂

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  1. I think that all pupils need a break. This break is called winter break, but winter is very hot this year. I’m very lucky, because I love spring, everything wakes up to life and there are many green colours ;). I’m not concealing that I want spring because I have my 18th birthday in April… My life has been only waiting recently. I’m waiting for winter break, I’m waiting for Valentine’s Day and I’m waiting for my birthday… Time flies slowly now, but before I know it, I will have new events to be waiting for.

  2. I think everyone should have some free time. I need a rest. People who have been studying hard are feeling tired… Winter holidays is great time to meet friends, chill out and get some sleep. I love sleeping ang chilling out with friends, but I have very much studying so I must learn during the winter break. That’s sad.

  3. To my misfortune in this winter break I must work hard. I have a lot of homework and I should learn to matura exam. One advantage is that I can sleep as long as I want. Of course I’m also going to meet my friends, because an excess of knowledge can be noxious 🙂

  4. I think that every person, not only students living in our climate need some break during the winter. Of course, we have Christmas, but there is so much to do and it is a very stressing time, especially for students, so winter break is something obvious and since 1st January we can’t think about anything else…

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