A bad day for sleepy-heads like me!

clockIf someone asked me the question “Is there anything you can never get enough?” my answer would be simple – Yes! SLEEP!!!
I’ve always been a terrible sleepy-head and since my baby was born, I’ve been a constantly sleepy sleepy-head. So today is a bad day for me. And tomorrow is gonna be even worse. Why? Well, I hate Mondays – nothing new. But the first Monday after the change of time into daylight saving time sounds like a real nightmare! It means getting up an hour earlier than usual, which is definitely tooo early! Every year I ask myself the question if this procedure of time change is really necessary. OK, as the name suggests, we do have some more daylight and hence more time to do different things, but doesn’t it make life more complicated? You have to remember about the time change, which might be crucial if you travel or have an important appointment. Not to mention the inability to reset little kids into the new sleepping pattern! Every stick has two ends, as they say, so probably this idea has got as many supporters as opponents. What’s interesting, it’s practised in about 70 countries in the world including almost all European countries, except Iceland, Belarus and Russia, so I guess there must be a reason behind it. Still I hate it! How about you? Do you think time change is a good or a bad idea? What is good and bad about it? I’m looking forward to your comments, and I’m going to bed right now – 5.20 a.m. is still 5.20 for me, even though it’s called 6.20 now;)

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12 Responses to A bad day for sleepy-heads like me!

  1. Nobody likes losing an hour of sleep, but in my opinion it is necessary. When we change the time we can save electricity because we don’t have to switch on the light when working. When it’s longer sunny outside we feel more cheerful. And we can sleep longer in the winter.

  2. On one hand it is good, we finish school one hour earlier 🙂 On the other hand, it is a big problem for small children. I take care of my godson who is 7 months old, and the day when we changed time and next 2-3 days were terrible. I have problems deciding what time I must feed him or put him to sleep.

  3. I think it’s necessary. Everybody likes when days are longer than nights. We can spend more time outdoors and we are happy. But there’s one small problem, which I’ve observed through the last two weeks: we are more sleepy after the time change. Our organism needs time to change our daily routine and it can be awkward.

  4. In my opinion, the time change is a bad idea because it is bad for our organism and mood. You have to get used to the new time and adjust your day to it. By moving the clock one hour ahead, we lengthen our day- it is longer light outside.

  5. In my opinion, the change of time and longer days makes us have more time which we can spend in the open air, because it gets dark later. It is a good time to relax healthily. In addition to that, the time change makes us notice spring more, because when we wake up in the morning it is clear and it makes our day better.

  6. In my judgment change time is bad for our functioning and organism but necessary. The beginnings are always difficult especially when we love sleeping – like me. After unlucky night (Saturday/Sunday) I need a little time to get used to the change. But it has an advantage. Outside it is getting brighter, the sun sets later and in the morning it is easier to get up. But in October there is a change of the time again, this time we’re going to sleep “one hour longer”.

  7. Time change is a good idea. Although you wake up earlier now, you can still wait for another six months and be happy with the thought that you will be sleeping one hour longer! And from geographical point of view it is needed.

  8. I think the change of time is a good idea because we have more daylight in the summer.In the winter the day is shorter.Thanks to it we can get more sleep. It seems that time passes slower for us.However for some people it might be uncomfortable, I think one hour doesn’t change a lot.

  9. In my opinion the change of time is a bad idea because we must change the time of clocks and we can forget to do this. There should be the same time the all the year. The change of time has a bad impact on people

  10. I think that the time change is good because it makes days long. I prefer getting up earlier, having a longer day and spending more time outdoor. You can get used to to getting up earlier 🙂

  11. In my opiniom the time change isn’t bad. When we wake up earlier we have one hour more to do some interesting things. We can spend one hour longer outdoor and it’s sunny longer. The time change informing us about approach summer 🙂 Time change has just one fault, we are more sleepy in the school.

  12. The time change is completly unnecessary and thanks to that, people suffer from confusion and other complications which are not healthy for us, escpecially these days, when we live under the stress for whole days. It may seems that one hour is not too much, but it can change the whole human’s biological rhythm.

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