T is for Teacher

Hello! My name is Halina Król-Szremska.
It looks like we’re gonna spend some time together throughout the next few months (or so), so let me tell you something about myself.
When I was about 7 or 8 my mother asked me who I wanted to be in the future. “A teacher!” – I said, no hesitation whatsoever. And believe it or not, up to now nothing has changed in this respect. Even now, after 14 years of teaching, I haven’t changed my mind. Why? Because when you have great and enthusiastic students (who I believe you are!) teaching is fun!
About me – I love mountains and whenever I can I pack up and get out of the town to take a deep breath, preferably out of the beaten track. Some time ago I fell in love with the Alps and climbing. It’s my dream come true! Climbing is my best way of finding inner peace and challenging my own fears and weaknesses. In the winter, apart from trekking, I fancy cross-country skiing. I have been trying to learn skiing too, but I’m still a beginner in this discipline.  I also love mountain running and mountain biking 🙂 So if you want a key word which defines me best, it’s definitely “mountains” 🙂
jakuAs for more indoor hobbies, I love reading. I’m a great fan of A Song of Ice and Fire. Before I started reading it, I’d thought fantasy novels weren’t worth a try, but Mr George R. R. Martin made me change my mind! Now, after reading all five volumes, I just can’t wait for the sixth novel which is still being written. I am also a fan of crime novels and I’ve read everything from the desk of Agatha Christie, Charlotte Link and Camilla Läckberg. From time to time I also like to sit back on my couch and watch a good movie or an episode of one of my favourite Netflix TV series. And last but not least, I am a board games geek! I’ll try to prove during some of our lessons that board games are FUNtastic! And so, I hope, our classes will be! However, as they say, it takes two to tango. These two are: YOU – my students, and me. So let’s dance, shall we?

If you want to contact me, feel free: halina-krol@wp.pl