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1920x1440-funny-halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-real-house-designA dozen or so years ago the 31st October in Poland used to be just a normal day. People didn’t do anything special, apart from buying candles and preparing graves for All Saints’ Day. It has changed quite recently as Halloween arrived in Poland straight from the USA. Continue reading

7 tips: How to shine in your oral matura exam

pobraneThe time has come. Well, almost. Although chestnuts are not in bloom yet, May is approaching rapidly. The good news is that soon after your matura exams you’re gonna have the longest summer holidays ever! I still remember mine and I tell you – it’s something worth waiting for! But hang on! Before you’re lost in daydreaming, let me give you some tips that might be useful in your oral English exam. 7 is said to be a lucky number, so here are my 7 tips: Continue reading

Merry Xmas!

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When we look out of the window, nothing looks like Xmas. More like Easter I would say. Continue reading