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Feel at home in this e-classroom!

This site is dedicated to my students, but not only. I use it to share learning materials and information with the classes I teach, but first and foremost this site has been created as a virtual space where I can share some thoughts with you on my BLOG. Everyone is welcome here, so feel free to visit and leave your comments.
Soon I will try to publish something new on the blog, and for the time being I invite you to search through the archive entries, hoping you will find some of them interesting.


Welcome :)

Welcome to this site where you will find all the infotrmation useful during our English classes. The summer holidays are over – sad but true. And for the time being the best you can do is…







Resistance is futile! You will be educated:)


Summer holidays are over. It’s unbelievable how fast they have passed! I’m sure you feel the same. But, it’s no use crying, let’s start this new school year with positive attitude and enthusiasm, as only positive thinking leads to success.

I wish you loads of positive energy for this school year!