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1920x1440-funny-halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-real-house-designA dozen or so years ago the 31st October in Poland used to be just a normal day. People didn’t do anything special, apart from buying candles and preparing graves for All Saints’ Day. It has changed quite recently as Halloween arrived in Poland straight from the USA. Continue reading


Halloween is coming and together with this holiday a writing competition
is waiting for you!
What you have to do? Write a scary story (180-250 words) inspired with one of the photos presented below (click the photos to see them full size):

halloween pics






Who is the competition for? All 1st and 2nd grade students

Deadline: Hand your story to your English teacher not later than on Monday 9th November 2015

Requirements: The composition must be written by YOU and printed on white paper.

I can’t wait for your spooky stories!


ebookIn connection to the topic we discussed on our lesson today, I do encourage you to read the post about e-books and leave a comment.

A new blog post


A new blog post is waiting for you. Pay a visit and feel free to leave a comment. To read it click here.

Bad news attack!

30_bad-news1I wake up in the morning. With a cup of my favourite cafe latte in front of me, I turn on my laptop computer to check what’s going on in the world. What do I see? Continue reading

Grammar revision exercises for test on UNIT 1


I recommend doing some grammar exercises before our test on Unit 1.   Continue reading