QVocabulary… always vocabulary… Endless lists of words, which are much more difficult to remember than to forget after the test, or even worse – before taking it. If you want to learn vocabulary more effectively, faster and make the words stay in your head, QUIZLET is a tool which can help you do it. And what’s most important – it’s absolutely free!

You can use Quizlet using your smarphone or your computer.







Thanks to my students there are ready-made lists of vocabulary from the coursebooks we use at our school. If you can’t find the list you need, you can create your own database in a few minutes – really! It’s intuitive, quick and easy!

How to start?

You have to log in. You can create an account or log in via facebook (it’s quick and easy).
If you want to use the lists of words we have created you have to find me 🙂 My username is: halina43. You just type it in the search box search



Then choose the course which you want to join, e.g. English for Matura (Repetytorium Poziom Podstawowy), Matura Focus 2, Matura Focus 3, Matura Focus 4.
Click: Join Class and wait for my approval. After I do it, you can use the resources we have created.

How can you learn?
When you pick the set of vocabulary you want to study, you have the following options:


You just have to click the options and see how it works. It’s really easy and fun!

For me, Quizlet is the best educational tool I’ve come across, and it’s unbelievable that it’s free!
Go on, try it and I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via librus, or via e-mail: halina-krol@wp.pl

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