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Energetic Xmas everyone!

It’s almost Christmas. Thank God, as when I look at you, my students, the picture that comes to my mind is something like this:




Low battery alert! Low battery alert! 🙂
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Fall in love with WrocLOVE – my Love!

I wasn’t born here, in Wrocław. My hometown is a little town in south-eastern Poland. But Wrocław was my love at first sight. I came here many years ago and immediately felt at home here. I don’t know if it was more because of people who live here, or due to the beauty of the town itself. I just knew I wanted to make my own home here. And so I did 🙂 Continue reading

Brace yourselves, Christmas is coming! – a post by Ala Gibki

‘Christmas is too sparkly’… Said no one ever!  I see Christmas stuff everywhere I look, yet I still can’t get enough of it. I simply love all those lights. They not only look beautiful at night, they also mean a lot to me. I tell you, I have tons of childhood memories connected with them! Continue reading

A not-a-stick and a not-a-box…

English. Creativity. Fun.
These three key words define what we do during our Creative Squad classes. This time we played with two children books by Antoinette Portis and tried to revive our childlike imagination.
What is just a stick for an adult, might be everything BUT a stick for a child. Check out what we’ve created using two things: a not-a-stick and a not-a-box.
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