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Halloween writing competition




Halloween is coming and together with this holiday another language competition is waiting for you! 
What you have to do? Write a story (120-250 words) entitled: “Scary Story” and hand it in to your teacher
Deadline: 8th November 2013
Requirements: the composition must be written by YOU and printed on white paper.
I am waiting for your spooky stories:)
Some of them will be published here soon:)


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Konsultacje – Wednesday, 30 Oct, 15.10, room 28

I’m available for you on Wednesday, 2nd October at 15.10 in classroom 28. Feel invited:)

A new blog post







A new blog post – enjoy and feel free to leave a comment:)
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A new blog post

A new blog post – enjoy and feel free to leave a comment:)
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Is ebook a book?

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This commercial really made my day when I first saw it. It’s brilliant and whenever I watch it, it makes me smile. But it also makes me think about books. Continue reading

For those who hate grammar:)

New blog post – have a look heregood_grammar.






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We no need no grammar!

The G word. It’s like a nightmare. Whenever I start my lesson and say that today we’re going to focus on grammar, most of my students look as if they’ve just eaten a lemon. Grammar is hated. Nobody likes it. Or at least almost nobody. What’s more, many of my students believe that grammar is only a torturing tool in the hands of their teacher, and apart from tests and exams it’s neither necessary, nor useful.
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Know America – a competition worth a try!


Anybody interested in taking part? I do recommend!
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