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8 a.m. with a huge cup of my favourite caffe latte next to me I log in to MS Teams. Another day starts. “Good morning guys!”- I say enthusiastically with a beaming smile on my face, as I strongly believe in the action-reaction power of mirror neurons.  Continue reading

Good to see you again!

I try to recall the moment in March when I had my last lessons with you. The COVID-19 pandemic was something we didn’t know much about. When we were saying goodbye for the 14 days lockdown (as hoped at that very moment), nobody really thought it would last so long. It was a difficult yet thought-provoking time. Continue reading

Enjoy your holidays!

Holidays are almost here. The last three months have been difficult for all of us but we have managed! I would like to thank you for your active participation in our online classes. We have managed to prove that where’s the will, there’s a way! Continue reading

Our eTwinning project “Collaborative Vampire Stories Writing”

We are just about to finish our eTwinning project entitled: “Collaborative Vampire Stories Writing” which we have done together with schools from France, Turkey, Spain, Belgium and Italy. It was fun! We have got to know new people from other European countries, we have developed new skills – both soft skills and language competence. Here is the link to our TwinSpace, where you can see some of the stories created by international teams:

Life in the COVID times…

It’s been a hard time for all of us. The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed everything. Continue reading

Healthy Easter! #stayhome

It’s not like it should be. It’s not the way we are used to. It’s not the way we would like it to be. But no matter what – have a happy Easter! Stay safe and make the most out of this holiday time. I wish you lots of positive energy and fantastic family time!

Have a merry Xmas!

Have a merry Christmas! Make the most of it and spend it the way you like most with the ones you love most! See you next year 🙂


Bye bye summertime…

Well, like it or not, our summer holidays are over and the new school year has just begun. I hope you had a great time and lots of opportunities to chill out the way you like most. For me, this summer was really full of adventures and I really had no time to feel bored. I also managed to make some of my dreams come true, and have plenty of unforgettable memories… Continue reading

Alternative Travel Project – a post by Ala Gibki

Have you ever wondered if there are any other ways to get to school or work other than by car? There’s so much being said about air pollution caused by traffic. In 2017 there were one billion cars in the world. It’s believed that by 2024 this number will have doubled. There are 320 millions cars just in the USA. Can you imagine? As a comparison, there are ‘only’ 19 millions cars in Poland! 
Continue reading

Totally different Christmas? Why not! – a blog post by Ala Gibki

Eating ‘pierogi’, a Christmas tree and some hay under a table cover is something that every Polish person thinks of when it comes to Christmas traditions. Everyone seems more friendly and even all these cold days don’t really buffet us then. But have you ever wondered about other countries’ customs, the things they do during this special time of the year? No? Then let me tell you about some of them! Continue reading