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Happy Easter!

Easter eggs

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We’re the coolest!!! :)



Our school has been voted the coolest high school in Lower Silesia with 11366 votes! Cool, isn’t it? Let’s be proud! 🙂

7 tips: How to shine in your oral matura exam

pobraneThe time has come. Well, almost. Although chestnuts are not in bloom yet, May is approaching rapidly. The good news is that soon after your matura exams you’re gonna have the longest summer holidays ever! I still remember mine and I tell you – it’s something worth waiting for! But hang on! Before you’re lost in daydreaming, let me give you some tips that might be useful in your oral English exam. 7 is said to be a lucky number, so here are my 7 tips: Continue reading

Free online listening exercises – different levels!


If you want to practise listening skills – vist this site. You can find lots of tasks there and you can choose the difficulty level. Check it out!