Not a Stick!

Do you remember being a child? Playing with whatever you came across and imagining things adults could never even think of? Well, these times are gone. Sad? Well, maybe. But still you can try to revive the childlike imagination and creativity which, although a bit dusty, is still hidden deep in your mind. This is what we did 🙂








What we tried to do was to think like a child. How? Look. What do you see?

A stick you say? Well. No. I tell you, it’s not a stick. Look what it is…

Or this one…

Ha! And you thought it was just a stick 😉

OK. Take another chance, will you? What is this?







A box? Noo. Wrong again.
It’s not a box. Look what it is…





Drawings made by the students of classes 1B and 2B.
Tasks based on the books: “Not a Stick” and “Not a box” by Antoinette Portis.