Fancy visiting a circus?

m_88983sticker12animalcircusesjpg_280_f_s__95Going back home from work this afternoon I stopped at my letterbox to check if there was any post waiting for me.  No letters, no bills this time. But what I found was this leaflet…


leaflet circus
So what? Someone might ask.
Nothing striking? Nothing disturbing? Well, I find this leaflet extremely saddening. Elephants, giraffes, camels, watusi cattle, llamas, kangaroos, ostriches, horses… Animal slaves abused and tortured just to give people a few minutes of entertainment. And to make money for the owners of the circus. I guess everybody has been to a circus at least once in their life. I’m not an exception here. I was there as a child. And I think I enjoyed the show.  That was a long time ago. Today I can assure you I’m not going to take my child to such a circus. Why?



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Elmar Osterberg, a former animal trainer has said: “If people knew what happens to animals backstage this colourful circus world, they would never go to a circus again.” (source:
Who’s guilty? The circus owners, the animal trainers? Yes, but not only. If you buy a ticket to see a circus show with animals, YOU share the responsibility for the animals’ pain. As long as people want to watch it and want to buy the tickets, the business will be going well.
I believe it is possible to make an interesting circus based only on people’s skills and talents. And I think it’s high time for people to start being more humane and stop abusing animals for sheer entertainment. There are countries, like Switzerland or Austria, in which circuses with animals are forbidden and cannot even enter the country. How about Poland? Is it possible to introduce such a law in our homeland? What do you think about this issue? I’m looking forward to your comments. And please, if you find such a leaflet in your letterbox – don’t go to this circus. Throw the leaflet away into the nearest bin…

7 Responses to Fancy visiting a circus?

  1. That’s awful! These people are stupid and I think they should be killed. That’s terrible how animals suffer in order to give people fun. I think Polish politicians should be interested in this situation. The construction of sky tower and roads and museums and shopping centers shouldn’t be more important than animals’ pain.

  2. I think it’s impossible in our country to introduce such a law, unless in 10 years. I didn’t know that such things are happening in circus, but thanks to this video I realized what’s going on. I won’t definitely go to circus anymore.

  3. This video’s terrible! I can’t believe that animals are treated this way. They’re innocent. Why must they suffer cause people want to earn and how can it give people fun? Switzerland and Austria solved the problem in the best possible way. I support this decision. Animals should not be abused just because we want fun. In my opinion circuses should be prohibited.

  4. When I watched this video I thought about the animals’ feelings. It’s unthinkable how they treat these animals. People should not buy tickets to a show like this. I didn’t know that such situations take place. I don’t care that this is their work, it’s a wrong attitude to animals. Wild animals training should be supervised by a special department. Fortunately this video is here, so people can see what is going on in a circus. I will never go to the circus because I don’t wanna look at animals’ suffering.

  5. How can people treat animals so terribly? Animals have feelings too. I think that such people should get the highest corporal punishment. It is terrible!! More and more often we read about violence against animals. People should pay attention to such situations.

  6. I think in Poland we have a lot of attractive places. Politicians do not see this problem. Circuses should be prohibited in Poland, because if you want to see animals you can go to a zoo! These animals suffer. It’s my opinion.

  7. NO!! Circuses and zoo are the most silly places. How can peole like watching animals in cages, small reservoirs. These animals suffer and die without freedom. Animals must have theier world on the sea or big forest, not in closed space. I never go to zoo or circus!

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