Fall in love with WrocLOVE – my Love!

I wasn’t born here, in Wrocław. My hometown is a little town in south-eastern Poland. But Wrocław was my love at first sight. I came here many years ago and immediately felt at home here. I don’t know if it was more because of people who live here, or due to the beauty of the town itself. I just knew I wanted to make my own home here. And so I did 🙂
I often catch myself thinking “Wow, it’s so beautiful here!” as I drive back home from work and pass the University buildings or Ostrów Tumski. I also love the hospitality of Wrocław. People here are really cordial and easy-going. That’s what my friends from other parts of Poland and Europe often say when they pay me a visit. Not convinced? Take a quick test of friendliness – try driving in Wrocław and then in Warsaw or in Krakow…
Summing up, I’ve found my happy place and put my roots here. But is Wrocław a place worth-recommending for young people, who are just at the beginning of their university studies or professional career? This is a question we tried to answer with my class during one of our English lessons. The task was to shoot a commercial advertising Wrocław as a youthful city.
Have a look at two videos my students have made and let us know what you think about Wrocław as a youthful city in the comments below.


2 Responses to Fall in love with WrocLOVE – my Love!

  1. Monika Młodzianowska

    Of course Wrocław is a beautiful city. It could give young people many options to live here. I mean universities are on really good level and It’s not so hard to find a job.

  2. I also wasn’t born here. Since I moved to Wrocław, I immediately felt something, like, in the air, but I don’t mean smog. This city have some specific vibes, which I had loved at first sight. Otherwise, I think this is the best place for young people regarding all the possibilities of developing.

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