Fall in love with WrocLOVE – my Love!

I wasn’t born here, in Wrocław. My hometown is a little town in south-eastern Poland. But Wrocław was my love at first sight. I came here many years ago and immediately felt at home here. I don’t know if it was more because of people who live here, or due to the beauty of the town itself. I just knew I wanted to make my own home here. And so I did 🙂
I often catch myself thinking “Wow, it’s so beautiful here!” as I drive back home from work and pass the University buildings or Ostrów Tumski. I also love the hospitality of Wrocław. People here are really cordial and easy-going. That’s what my friends from other parts of Poland and Europe often say when they pay me a visit. Not convinced? Take a quick test of friendliness – try driving in Wrocław and then in Warsaw or in Krakow…
Summing up, I’ve found my happy place and put my roots here. But is Wrocław a place worth-recommending for young people, who are just at the beginning of their university studies or professional career? This is a question we tried to answer with my class during one of our English lessons. The task was to shoot a commercial advertising Wrocław as a youthful city.
Have a look at two videos my students have made and let us know what you think about Wrocław as a youthful city in the comments below.


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  1. Monika Młodzianowska

    Of course Wrocław is a beautiful city. It could give young people many options to live here. I mean universities are on really good level and It’s not so hard to find a job.

  2. I also wasn’t born here. Since I moved to Wrocław, I immediately felt something, like, in the air, but I don’t mean smog. This city have some specific vibes, which I had loved at first sight. Otherwise, I think this is the best place for young people regarding all the possibilities of developing.

  3. I was born in Wrocław. Yes I agree that is a beautiful city, full of good energy, wonderful lighted buildings and so many bridges! ?
    I’ve moved to a country side near Wroclaw 5 years ago as my parents always wanted to have a big house with garden but we commute to work/school so we spend most time in the city. I got used to a city life but now I can see the benefits of living on a suburbs. It’s quite near to a city centre so getting there is not problematic. On free days I can rest here, in my village and that’s most wonderful in the summer, chilling in the garden, eating our own fruits.
    Still I love Wroclaw, it’s a place full of life, good people, a lot of fun, adventures and events that it’s sometimes unbelievable how many things are happening here. I love dance clubs, Cafe chains, and the fact that compared to Warszawa for example Wrocław has a lot of green: grass, trees etc. It makes that place even nicer in the Spring.

  4. It is said that a person who was born in his city is not able to admire this place as people coming from outside. But I don’t believe in that. I was born in Wrocław and I think that it’s the most beautiful city in Poland and it’s not worse than other ‘popular’ Europe cities like Paris or London. Wrocław brings a lot of possibilities for young people so this city is full of life and energy. Everyone is busy and it might disturb people who like silence and a slow lifestyle, but I like sometimes just sit and look at others and think where they are so hurried. Also, Wrocław’s buildings are exceptionally beautiful and most of them hide their legends and histories which makes it really mysterious and magical. Everyone can find something for them.

  5. I’ve just find out our video is on the blog! Wrocław is my favourite of all cities in Poland. Some people say that Warsaw or Cracow is better, but I would never agree. We have amazing mix of history and present spreaded all over the town. Lots of modern art and amazing events – that’s what makes Wrocław the best place for young people. I am so grateful for my parents for not moving out of here!

  6. Wroclaw is, in my opinion, a very developed city. We can visit a lot of cultural places here. If I were to recommend a few places to see, it would be the Gallery of Four Domes. People who like art will like it. We also have many places where we can go to listen to music, relax, for example Zazoo bar, old monastery etc. I love this city!

  7. I love Wrocław. Wrocław is the most beautiful city in Poland. You can meet people from all over the world there. People in Wrocław are very freiendly.

  8. Yes. I agree 100% with you. I love WROCLAW. Wroclaw is my city. I was born here and I have lived here since my birth. I know the Centennial Hall very well. As a child, I often went there for a walk with my parents and siblings.
    This was our permanent route: a beautiful Szczytnicki Park, Centennial Hall, then a Pergola and a Fountain. To this day I still like to go there, but already with my friends on bicycles and on picnic. This place has it’s magical charm! Here it’s beautiful! It’s often the place where various cultural and recreational events are organized: concerts, festivals. Everybody can come here and they will certainly not be bored!
    Your videos are great! They show beautiful places in Wroclaw, which you should definitely see when you are here! When I was a child, the spire in the Centennial’s Hall always reminded me of a tall birthday cake – I always wanted the same for my birthday.
    Being in Wrocław, the Centennial Hall is a must to see. Wrocław is my love at first sight. I love this city! Somehow I feel so magical here at every step. All the romantic pubs and cafes with the aroma of coffee, cake and ice cream.
    And still in winter, the Christmas Market Square, where there is a forest of fairy tales, dwarves and baked chestnuts. Yes, during the Christmas period Wrocław turns into a magical place full of beautiful lights, decorations, Christmas trees.
    I love Wrocław during this period!
    Finally, Wrocław was the European capital of culture in 2016, so it’s all the more worth coming here and seeing.

  9. I was born in Wrocław and I really love this city for many reasons : it’s a place when something always happening, full of life, good people and lots of fun. Unfortunetly, I’m not living there, just studying but hope so that it’ll change soon.

  10. In my opinion Wrocław is the most beautiful city in Poland. I also believe that this is an ideal place for a young society, because Wrocław has a lot of decent universities.

  11. I was born in Wrocław and I love this city. It’s very beautiful and there are many interesting places here. My favourite place in Wrocław is marketplace because it’s big and has lovely historic tenement houses. It’s perfect for young people.

  12. Wrocław for young people is great choose . Universities are one of the best in the country, City is famous for a large number of job offers. Wrocław despite their disadvantages e.g. smog and public transport accident,is pleasant city to live with many attractions , is places to rest or good fun. Those additions make up for a unique atmosphere of Wrocław.

  13. Wrocław is a beautiful city where I was born and grew up. The atmosphere of this city is irreplaceable and indescribable. A lot of places to walk, rest and ride a bike. A city whose development has no end, pulsating with life. It is climatic and has a soul. It is a city of students, tourists and of course dwarves (I encourage you to look for them). Theres always things to do and places to go. Thousands of pubs, cafes and restaurants! Everything is made with an idea. Everyone will find something for themselves.

  14. I was born in Wroclaw and currently I can’t imagine living in any other city. When I was little I often went to Lublin, for example, but I couldn’t find a place for myself. Similarly, in other cities that I visited, I did not feel this “climate”.
    Every day, going to school, I pass many buildings and places that delight me with their architecture or history. We have many places in Wroclaw that are breathtaking. I also admire Wroclaw for many learning opportunities. We have many scientific facilities, universities and schools. In a word, everyone will find something for themselves.

  15. Katarzyna Jankowska

    I was born in Wrocław and I think that is a very beautiful city. There are many historic buildings here. For example Centennial Hall. Wrocław’s dwarfs are very interesting too. There are more and more of them. They became a symbol of Wroclaw. I love this city!

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