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I often visit the CNN.com website to check what’s going on in the world.
I don’t know if you agree with me, but my opinion is that our Polish media focus so much on our local problems or pseudo-problems  that even the most important world news are often ignored and not mentioned at all. That’s why I don’t watch TV too often, or I should rather say – I almost never do.  I prefer surfing the net to find out what is going on in different parts of the world.
A nice surprise today – Wrocław on CNN!
The reporter has visited our town to see its essence. A group of instagrammers tried to show her the most unique places in Wrocław. Our town has been described as full of energy and vitality. Just have a look here.

YouTube Preview Image

I wonder what two places or sights in Wrocław YOU think would be the best to show the unique character of our town. And what two words would you use to characterize Wrocław most aptly?

Picture source: wroclove.eu

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  1. Polish media are taking sides.
    They feed us a pile of balderdash .
    It’s better to watch foreign media because they are honest.
    CNN is a good chanel on tv and they cover wise topics but the best thing is the Internet where we can find everything we need or we want to watch/listen.

  2. I think that you’re right, media show us fake information, and what is worst poor people ALWAYS believe in this. That’s the evidence of how huge the world of media is. The places which you show us in the film are very interesting, thanks so much 🙂
    Greets , Sandra.

  3. You’re right- Polish media do not report much important information from the world. Journalists do too many reports about Polish politicians who don’t have much to say… That makes me really angry!

  4. I like many places in my town and when I have to choose only two of them it is a problem for me. The most characteristic place is of course the old town with beautiful old tenement houses and Gothic Town Hall. I think this is a place that we can blindly show our guests from other towns or countries. The second place where I like spending my time and which I can recommend to visit is Pergola Park near the Centennial Hall. This is a place which looks fantastic in every season of the year. For example a nice attraction is the summer cinema and multimedia fountain performance with music and colorful lights. These two places show great character of the city which connects tradition with modernity, and which is wide open for the people in all ages. And I think these are two features which I can use to characterize Wrocław.
    Well, I also think that Polish media are not good 😉

  5. Yes, of course. It’s an honor to see how our city has become famous. At last the whole world will see how beautiful Wroclaw is and what interesting sights and monuments it has. I also don’t watch TV often because more information is on the web, I can find out what specifically interests me.

  6. Wroclaw has many unique places and monuments. We have very original figures of dwarfs. They are scattered all around the town. We also have Multimedia Fountain in Pergola. In the spring and summer there are shows with water and music. The words which characterize Wrocław most aptly are: unique and future.

  7. I’m sorry but the film has been removed from YouTube and it’s not available anywhere in the net at the moment 🙁

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