Share your passion – part 3 – Laura & motorcross

passionHi! I want to tell you about my passion. My name is Laura and what I love is motocross.

Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycles racing. We ride in a special area with various obstacles such as jumps. My adventure with motocross started four years ago. My dad bought a motorcycle – it was Kawasaki 125cc. We repaired it together and I was interested in this.

I remember that day, when I got my first motorcycle from “Santa Claus”. Of course, I didn’t get a real motocross – it was a small slow motorbike, because my dad wanted to teach me how to change gears and how use the clutch. I rode with my dad and he saw that I made progress. Eight months later I got my first motocross. We had found a great motorcycle on the Internet, so the next day we went to Kielce to buy it. It was Wednesday but my mom agreed and I went with my dad, on condition that that I’d learn History in the car, because I had a test on Friday. Believe me, I couldn’t focus at all! I was so excited.

When I bought this motorcycle I trained really hard. Now I ride for Wrocławski Klub Motocrossowy and I take part in Championships of Poland. The Championships are divided into different categories:

MX1 – motocycles for 125cc 2-stroke or 250cc 4-stroke
MX2 – motocycles for 250cc 2-stronke or 450cc 4-stroke
MX65 – this class is for the younger competitor with motocycles for 65cc.
MX85 – motocycles for 85cc.
MX JUNIOR – thiss class is for everyone who have fower 18 years.
MX OPEN – the stronger class of Poland motocross.
MX MASTERS – class for man who have 40 and more years old.
MX WOMEN – class for women.
Championships consist of three races. First is qualification race, in which 40 contenders qualify for one class. Afterwards, there are first and second race. One race lasts 15 minutes and extra two laps, but MX Women, MX 65 and MX85 last 10 minutes and two laps, because this class has a little less power.
I took part in championships years ago. I was really frightened, but when I rode the qualification race I felt so much adrenaline and I got hook on that! I had the best position this year – I was the sixth.

Sometimes motocross is a dangerous sport. A lot of great competitors have had accidents. One of my friends broke two arms and he is still afraid of motorcycles. In this sport you have to be careful, because sometimes you might get harmed.

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  1. Very interesiting post! I wasn’t a fan of motocross but you showed it in a wonderful way. So cool that even if you’re a girl you like motorcross because i thought it like only boys haha (: Goodluck in your journey!

  2. That’s so cool ! You have a really unusual passion for a girl , but it’s great ! People think that girls can’t have the same hobby as boys and it’s completely not true ! You’re amazing in motocross and don’t give up on this hobby , it makes you an unusual girl and that’s pretty awesome! I wish you all the best in your motocross adventure !

  3. This shows that women can do more than we suspect! I think a lot of people associate the sport rather with the boys, you’re breaking stereotypes and that’s good. I’m impressed by your achievements! Do what you love; haha I think in this case I don’t want to wish you “break a leg” 😀

  4. Wow!! Your passion is really impressive. I’d like your post. It seems to me that you must be a very brave young woman as motocross is known to be a risky and rather male sport! Good luck for the future championships! 🙂

  5. This is very interesting!!!
    You must be very brave that you have chosen such a dangerous sport like motocross. I’m impressed by your achievements! Do what you love, be great and perfect in it.
    I wish you great success in your hobby.

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